About Wilhelm Reich

About Wilhelm Reich

About Wilhelm Reich

Reich’s research opened up vistas of possibilities with such far-ranging implications—well beyond “just” the simple curing of illnesses—that his work held the keys to nullifying the core forces of coercion utilized by the world controlling elite to keep the rest of us in line. You can imagine how many big-ego toes he stepped on— whether he realized it or not!

About Wilhelm Reich…by Jerry Morton from TheSpectrumNews website, originally entitled “Who was Dr. Wilhelm Reich and why has history tried so hard to erase him?”

the FDA did everything in its power to eliminate the knowledge of orgone energy

The Idaho Observer introduction to this article states Reich’s situation well:

“Before dismissing what you are about to read, consider that the FDA did everything in its power to eliminate the knowledge of orgone energy from the world because, it claimed, ‘it doesn’t exist.’

“If orgone energy does not exist, it is, therefore, not a threat—is it?

“Rather than ignore this thing that does not exist, the FDA effectively sentenced Dr. Wilhelm Reich to death and, for at least a decade, actively pursued a campaign to destroy all the books, notes, and research papers it could find containing the word ‘orgone’. Judging by the government’s actions, orgone energy does, indeed, exist”

Dr. Reich’s work in biophysics has been stricken from the historical record.

Their extreme actions against him only served to reveal beyond any doubt just how important Reich’s research actually was. Dr. Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957) is still noted historically for his work in psychiatry and psychoanalysis. However, Dr. Reich’s work in biophysics has been stricken from the historical record.

In the mid 1930s Dr. Reich began noticing an energetic connection that is shared by all living beings and had the clarity of mind to not dismiss the observation as unimportant. Dr. Reich called this energy “orgone” and worked for decades demonstrating its laws and studying its various manifestations. His work encompassed 40 years within six countries, but in the end he suffered the indignity of seeing his life’s work banned in America and tons of his books and journals burned by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration per bureaucratic decree.It was a brazen act of censorship that is overlooked today within the texts of history.

Albert Einstein exclaimed that orgone energy “…would be a bombshell to physics”

Prior to his orgonomic research, Dr. Reich had earned an international reputation as a scientist of integrity. Once, after he had demonstrated orgone energy to Albert Einstein, the famous physicist exclaimed that “this would be a bombshell to physics”. Dr. Reich spent his last days in prison falsely labeled a quack and a racketeer by the American government and the American medical system.

Wilhelm Reich was born in Austria in 1897 as the son of a rather wealthy farmer and, as was common at that time, he was home schooled, first by his mother and later by a number of tutors. He excelled in his studies because of his intelligence and also, in part, out of fear of his father’s horrible temper that would erupt over something as trivial as an incorrect answer in his studies.Reich’s family was tragically dysfunctional and, at age 13, his mother poisoned herself to flee the abuse of Reich’s violently-tempered father. Four years later, Reich’s father died of pneumonia—a financially destitute and lonely man. Reich, at 17, ran the farm himself for a short time after his father’s death, but the property was destroyed by World War I in 1915.

Dr. Reich…provided a step toward the discovery of the cosmic orgone energy.

Serving in the Austrian army on the Italian front, Reich began attending classes at the University of Vienna and graduated in 1922 as a doctor of medicine. While studying for his doctorate, Reich became a protégé of Dr. Sigmund Freud, and soon after graduating became the clinical assistant at Freud’s Psychoanalytical Clinic where he, himself, became a pioneer in psychoanalysis. In his book Character Analysis (1933), Dr. Reich detailed a biological basis for neurosis and provided a step toward the discovery of the cosmic orgone energy. During the years 1936-1939, Dr. Reich conducted experiments concerning the idea of airborne infection. He showed that microorganisms form themselves from inorganic material and disintegrating organic substances…

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