Who is Kevin MacDonald?

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Who is Kevin MacDonald?

What do his theories and books mean to people of color and Jews in America?

Extremism depends on brains before the use of brawn is even a consideration. We are very much creatures of ideas. The street violence that accompanies right wing racism is the effect of a deeper cause – i.e. Von Clausewitz‘ “war that is politics by other means.” All politicians and political movements have their apologists, and some even have a full battery of intellectuals rallying around their banner. Like many of them, Kevin McDonald is not only an academic, he is the author of numerous books on race as well as (what he believes to be) the superiority of White people and Western culture.

“White males constituted only 34% of the electorate and this will continue to decline. It’s no accident that stocks of gun companies soared after the election, even though the stock market as a whole took a dive. What we have here is a situation in which around 70% of traditional American White men (correcting for the overly inclusive White’ category used by the media) are now pretty much officially disenfranchised in a country where they see themselves as the founding population. That’s a lot of angry White men….

“…do White men really have any other choice?”

It may take a while for this 70% to wake up to the reality that they are politically impotent. But it will happen. Separatist movements in the many states that are deeply red are certainly a possibility. … Is there any other realistic alternative? Apart from futile violence against the Leviathan, do White men really have any other choice?”

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_from a piece written for The Occidental Observer by Long Beach State psychology professor and author Kevin MacDonald

intellectual White supremacist and Anti-Semite.

Kevin MacDonald has indeed had a “checkered career.” From left-wing anti-war protester during his undergraduate days  at the University of Wisconsin Madison – where he started to develop doubts about the motivational purity of his Jewish fellow protesters – to erstwhile jazz pianist, to Professor of child development at the Long Beach campus of the California State University; it would seem that the wheel of fortune has stopped turning for Professor MacDonald at a point marked “intellectual White supremacist and Anti-Semite.”

Beating around the bush is not a charge that can be fairly leveled at this man.

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