Web Analytics 101

Web Analytics
Web Analytics 101

What makes ecommerce unique is the ability to know what customers and prospects have done on your site, what helped to bring them to your site and what you need to do your site to keep them coming back for more.

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A web site that has no goals is a web site that is headed for failure, and that is why understanding what paths you want your visitors to take when they are on your site is of the utmost importance. Creating digital goals as part of your web analytics platform is the key here, and measuring everything is also key.

Web analytics allows you to be your own marketing firm, and whether you decide to outsource your internet marketing campaigns to professionals or do it yourself, you have to know when and how to act on the statistics that web analytics offer to you.The goal? Actionable insights based on data delivered to you by your web analytics program.This tutorial from opentracker.net is an extremely useful and well organized guide to the student of web analytics!.

Making Stats Work for You

Strategies that work: how to apply statistics

Executive summary

Put the information to use. Formulate a goal. For example, encourage visitors to stay longer by increasing overall site stickiness. Benchmark your statistics, implement your change and compare traffic over a given period.

This is the feedback process that we recommend:

Study your statistics

Formulate a strategy

Implement your change

Measure the effects of your change

Start again at step 1

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The process is ongoing and continuous.

General introduction: making decisions based on stats

Understanding website traffic and visitor behavior is crucial to any goal-oriented or business website. Manage your website and make well-informed daily decisions based on the knowledge of who’s visiting and what they are doing.

Know what visitors do on your site, and adjust site content to meet their needs.
Without this knowledge, your best ideas are based on guesswork.

It is important that your statistics are more than just numbers. Your data and statistics need to provide what is called ‘actionable insight’ – information that you can use to make management decisions and take action.

To improve a website using statistics, there are two steps. The first step is to collect information. The second step is to put that information to work by using it to define and achieve your goals…

Web Analytics 101 was originally entitled “Making Stats Work for You” and published at www.opentracker.net. Opentracker provides quality website statistics measurement and visitor tracking services.

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