Underfunding and the US Education Crisis

Underfunding is a key component of the US education crisis.

The U.S. education system is slipping behind other nations, and the widening achievement gap between rich and poor students is threatening the country’s global competitiveness, according to a new report from the Council on Foreign Relations.

The report, titled “Renewing America Progress Report and Scorecard,” lays blame at the fact school spending is distributed unequally in the United States.

While the U.S. funds its schools from property taxes on the local community — which often means more money goes to schools in high-income areas where homes are worth the most — most other developed nations divide school funding centrally by enrollment, i.e. the money is allocated evenly on a per-head basis.

“The real scourge of the U.S. education system — and its greatest competitive weakness — is the deep and growing achievement gap between socioeconomic groups that begins early and lasts through a student’s academic career,” said Rebecca Strauss, one of the report’s authors.
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