United Nations Memorial to Victims of Slave Trade


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United Nations Memorial to Victims of Slave Trade…United Nations Unveils Stunning Memorial in New York To The Millions Who Were Killed and Sacrificed in Slave Trade To Create America’s Riches. Posted by Nick Chiles to http://atlantablackstar.com

Visitors to the United Nations headquarters in New York will get a powerful reminder of the brutality of the transatlantic slave trade and its enormous impact on world history through a visually stunning new memorial that was unveiled yesterday in a solemn ceremony.

There were speeches intended to touch the emotionality of a system that operated for hundreds of years, killing an estimated 15 million African men, women and children and sending millions more into the jaws of a vicious system of plantation slavery in the Americas.

Slavery a stain on human history

U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon called slavery “a stain on human history.” U.N. General Assembly President Sam Kutesa said slavery remained one of the “darkest and most abhorrent chapters” in world history.

America built on slavery

It was only fitting that the ceremony take place at a site surrounded by the looming skyscrapers of New York. Slavery was the economic engine upon which American capitalism was built, providing the seed money for United States businesses to create the most vibrant economic system in the world. The enslaved Black person (whose gender is purposely vague to represent men, women and children) lying inside the dramatically shaped marble memorial, which is called The Ark of Return, is a symbol of the millions whose deaths led to the building of those skyscrapers, the visual emblems of American capitalism’s enormous financial windfall for the white beneficiaries of slavery and their descendants.

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United Nations Memorial to Victims of Slave Trade

During his speech unveiling the memorial, Ban Ki-Moon spoke directly to Black people in the Americas and the Caribbean who are descended from the enslaved Black people who were sacrificed. “I hope descendants of the transatlantic slave trade will feel empowered as they remember those who overcame this brutal system and passed their rich cultural heritage from Africa on to their children,” Ban said.

Black women suffered terribly

In his remarks, he singled out Black women in particular, noting that a third of those Black people who were sold as slaves from Africa were female. “In addition to enduring the harsh conditions of forced labor as slaves, they experienced extreme forms of discrimination and exploitation as a result of their gender,” he said.

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