Thoughts about Science and Technology

Science & Technology

Thoughts about Science and Technology

Where is this age of science and technology going to take us?

USB 2.0 gives way to USB 3.0; yesterday’s ultra-thin lcd screen has been replaced by an even thinner LED screen; what was once measured in kilobytes is now measured in gigabytes and terrabytes.

These thoughts about science and technology touch only the very seed  of what is possible to achieve in these realms.

What was the original promise of computing? Was it at first thought to be for professionals only; an aid to calculation and thinking to be used in laboratories, math research departments and corporate headquarters? Did anyone way back when envision its becoming standard issue; something as common as the automobile? Has the use of a modified typewriter keyboard – the item which allowed the popularization of the desktop computer and its current offspring – somehow cheapened the computer’s role in our lives? When will we, caught up as we are in this still new phenomenon of world wide computer and internet use, stop and let ourselves be truly and conclusively “evolved” by this incredible machine and its all its repercussions? When will the distinction between living creatures and computer technology become so blurry that we will start manufacturing humans with wireless capabilities and/or USB ports built into our heads and brains? To refine and rephrase the question: which universities and/or corporate research facilities are working on all this as this sentence is being read?

The digital revolution promises one constant above all, and that is that it will continue to accelerate at a pace that is phenomenal. We are jumping from the old world into a new done, and the good news is that the new done is reasonable. Reason alone, of course, will not make it perfect, but if/when it’s wedded to a sincere desire to evolve on the part of many of us it may jsut lead to a bright future.

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