Is Citi Bike showing us the way

When I think of the joys of urban bicycling I think of enlightened and progressive  small countries like Holland and Denmark, whose cities offer nicely navigable downtown traffic patterns that feature thousands and thousands of happy bicyclists pedaling away in in an atmosphere that is free of exhaust fumes. Is everyone’s (former?) urban bad guy _ New York – about to go the same way? Citi Bike may be pointing in that direction!

Citi Bike Is My New iPhone Dan Frommer

Founder at City Notes

New York’s new bike-sharing system, now a month old, is still working out the kinks. It’s sometimes impossible to find a bike, and sometimes impossible to return one. Kiosks, after an embarrassingly unreliable start, seem to be generally stable. There are so many complexities that a perfectly smooth system seems improbable.

But even a month in, Citi Bike is easily one of the best things that has happened to New York in the last decade. In a place where things are routinely overhyped, Citi Bike seems to have blown past everyone’s expectations, with more than a million miles traveled so far, over 500,000 trips, and some 50,000 annual members.

And, without hyperbole, Citi Bike has already changed my life. I’ve now lived here for almost 8 years, and after riding zero blocks on bikes the entire time I’d been here, I’ve now traveled 53 miles on Citi Bikes over the past month, spending more than 8 hours in the saddle. Who knew?

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