Orwell on Antisemitism in England 1945

George Orwell

There are about 400,000 known Jews in Britain, and in addition some thousands or, at most, scores of thousands of Jewish refugees who have entered the country from 1934 onwards. Continue reading

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Will Interracial Marriage End Racism in America?

Will Interracial Marriage End Racism in America?

Will interracial marriage end racism in America? Some people say no, that the deeper causes of racism are not addressed by such unions, and that only a willingness on the part of an historically racist Caucasian majority to examine its own history with ruthless honesty will put an end to both  and discrimination. Continue reading

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Subtle Affects of Racism

Subtle Racism Harasses Brain

Decoding ‘Ambiguous’ Prejudice Interferes With Mental Tasks

By Daniel J. DeNoon
WebMD Health News

Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

Sept. 21, 2007 – Subtle racism interferes with black people’s mental function even more than overt racism does, a psychological study shows.

For whites, who are much less often the targets of prejudice, overt racism interferes with mental function more.

“It appears that blacks are particularly vulnerable to cognitive impairment resulting from exposure to ambiguous prejudice — a level of prejudice whites may not even register,” conclude Princeton University psychologists Jessica Salvatore, PhD, and J. Nicole Shelton, PhD. Continue reading

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