“A Negro Dreams of Rivers”

Langston Hughes

“A Negro Dreams of Rivers.”…I’ve known rivers:
I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and older than the
flow of human blood in human veins.My soul has grown deep like the rivers. Continue reading

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Phones…a poem

Phones…a poem

We have more phones today ever, so we do more talking on the phone.

Do we do more thinking too, because we do more talking?

Maybe we do less thinking because we do more talking and the fact

that we think less, instead of leading to our talking less, leads us to the exact

opposite state of affairs so that instead of talking less and thereby creating

the possibility of thinking more we (instead) think mainly about what we’re

going to say/do/eat /watch (as in tv) next without any thought of whether

this/these actions will be good, bad or indifferent nor any thought about

whether this planet-wide explosion of cell phones, smart phones, tablets,

mobile devices, mp3 players and all the rest of this specific, general and/or

all-purpose digital stuff,shyte and whatever else that we have invented to talk

now and forever with every-and anybody else on the planet or on other

planets) instantly,instantaneously and maybe someday or soon at or

exceeding the speed of light until we become a jungle full of parrots (no

offense to same/they haven’t become the slaves of technology and probably

make more sense in their nonstop nattering  than we do iin ours)chattering

ourselves into an oblivion of devolution and rapid-fire texting sans sight, sans

mind and sans meaning.



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Greedy…a Poem

How do the greedy get greedy

Does it come from a fear

Of being needy

Is it due to a state of childhood lack

Or is it simply one of those things

That can take over a life

And fill it with strife

As easily as a fast train

Can run off a track

Is it vicious and mean

A force that is obscene

Or just another plant in the soil

In which its sufferers are embroiled

Is it due to the karma in which they are coiled

Are are we making too much of a fuss

Over something

That like old age and death

Is just another case

Of a flawed human race

Being prone to

The promiscuity


The dust?!



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A Poem About Relating

You gotta relate

Relate, relate, relate

It doesn’t matter who you are

Whether you’re short or tall

Black or white

Gay or straight

Whether you’re stone cold single or looking for a mate

No man is an island

If you’re looking for a date

Or searching for your mate

Don’t just sit around

And wait for fate

Get yourself ready

it’s never too late

To relate

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Poem…”On Finding The One”

When you get to a point where you know

that any situation at all


Can take you to where you want to go

To create whole worlds for yourself

worlds without end

Then you will not need anything

But you yourself

And your own existence

Will be much much more

Than enough

And at that point you will find

The One

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A Poem: “Space and Time”

“Space and Time”

Is each one of us formed of the Space and Time

In which we were born and in which we have lived?

Of promises made by planets and light streaks in

The night sky?

Of movement itself and darkness and light and the

Inexpressible feeling that grabs us when we look up

At a night sky and dream of going home; of being at

home with what we see overhead and letting our hearts

overflow with the universe that is within struggling

to escape and find its soul mate in the universe without



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Russia …a poem

So many tears; so much of everything.

Place like people, going on and on and on till soil and soul

Can no longer be told apart.

And the heart cries and prayers of a thousand years Continue reading

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