Ploumis Reviews “Empire”






Ploumis Reviews Empire

Empire (2015- )

Created by: Lee Daniels and Danny Strong


“I do what I want and say what I want with no apologies”

-No Apologies – theme song from Empire

I can’t think of a better tag line for this show. A true gangster story feathered with elements of Shakespearean rivalry and modern controversy. It’s juicy stuff – real talk. Continue reading

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Ploumis Reviews “Last Night”





Ploumis Reviews “Last Night”

In this post, Jessica Ploumis reviews “Last Night” (2010), by Massy Tadjedin

Directed by: Massy Tadjedin

Written by: Massy Tadjedin

In the traditional, archetypal sense, there are good guys and bad guys, Good vs. Evil; a story comprised of heroes, villains, and fair damsels. This is the recipe (for the most part) that has been fed to us in the movies.

But what about real life?

In our own lives do we classify ourselves as the “good guy” in our, personal life story? Is our b___-busting boss the villain and your wife the fair damsel? Truth is life isn’t like that, because we as real people do not fit into traditional archetypes. After all, the makeup of a person is comprised of both “good and bad”. But we don’t see that because we are always straddling the fence, torn between between selfish and selfless. As far as marriages or relationships go are cheaters bad guys? Or is just thinking about cheating bad enough? Are you a good person until the moment you act on wanting to cheat?

If you feel guilty about wanting to cheat, does that mean you are a good person (even though a weak one)? Is it “bad” to search for something new when you are unhappy? What would you do when tempted by love and/or by lust? And does your decision define what kind of person you are? Aren’t we all the same?

These are all the questions explored in Last Night.

Last Night breaks down the duality of individuals– just us regular, everyday people with everyday motivations. The movie starts with couple Michael (Sam Worthington) and Joanna (Keira Knightley) on their way to a celebration that is related to Michael’s work. Joanna notices that Michael is a little off; short tempered and nervous. When they get to the party, Joanna and Michael split up to greet friends. From across the room, Joanna sees Michael standing on the balcony with another woman, the beautiful Laura (Eva Mendes). Continue reading

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