Ploumis Reviews Mad Men






Ploumis Reviews Mad Men

Mad Men ( 2007 – 2015)

Note: the following review was published when
Mad Men was still in production, The series pre-
miered on July 19, 2007, on the cable network AMC.
After seven seasons and 92 episodes, Mad Men’s
final episode aired on May 17, 2015.[1]

Created by: Matthew Weiner

“Make it simple, but significant” – Don Draper

Wise words – but has AMC’s Mad Men taken their own advice? Perhaps not, it’s doesn’t take much arguing to convince audiences that no matter how significant the storyline, Mad Men is ANYTHING but simple. Maybe hypocrisy in this case is a recipe for success. The world  waited with bated breath for the show’s final season that premiered on April 5th 2015. But before we jump to the end of the story, we have to stop and remember the incredible beginning of Mad Men. Continue reading

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