Is there such a thing as a Soul Mate

Is there such a thing as a soul mate?

If there is such a thing as a soul mate, should we assume that one is instantly recognized as such? Does the meeting of one’s soul mate resemble infatuation, which by its very nature precludes the depth and power of the attraction that makes meeting your soul-mate special and unique?! When individuals have learned to take heart  in and find personal power in their dreams of the good, the true and the beautiful – and have stayed on that path for a sufficient period of time with a sufficient degree of earnestness and strength of purpose – are they actually creating their own “lucky” encounter with their cosmically-ordained significant other? In other words, does true love come when we are truly ready?

In my opinion, the average “Jane” and “Joe” learning to live together with a sharing of their most sublime ideas and a sufficient dose of earthy realism can make the rarified reaches of soul-matedom realizable in this present life, for does not the spiritual satisfaction that comes with finding one’s mate at that level come only with the embrace of our relation to the world of the everyday and this good earth on which we live?


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A Poem…”On Online Love”

Without the tension

We wouldn’t have to mention

That loving online

Isn’t always so fine

Because we know for a fact

That it’s easy to act

When you’re halfway across the planet

And your face is just a pic

Be you Brad or be you Janet

A guy or some cute chick

You can fall for a bunch

Of text on your screen

and your heart can be aching

For someone you’ve never seen

So take my recommendation

And listen good and hard

If you look for love online

You better be smart

If you’re looking for some email

To make your heart melt

Then get ready to be steady

And buckle that seat belt!



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A Poem: “Faith Dies and Love Flees to Where?”



The World is changing…

The world is forever changing

From “Lisa” to “tower” to iPod to iPad

From Blackberry to Schmackberry

From parallel to USB and USB to


From G3 to G4

From G4 to G5

Where will it all end?

I just don’t know.

From analog to digital

And ultra sound to Sense-a-round.

From rat s___ to bat s___

And bat s___ to cat s___

Where it will end no one knows.

My cat sleeps.

I sleep

You sleep

We all sleep

Gadgets rule

Computers reign.

And newness rains down on us

In wave after wave.

While in the background

Faith dies and love flees.

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