Dates from Hell

by Marcia Jedd for Happen Magazine

Want to feel more confident about your past dating blunders? Here are some of the worst dates women have experienced.

1. The discount doctor
Cecily, 38, met a physician at a holiday party. On the first date, he took her to a Japanese restaurant and paid for dinner using a two-for-one coupon. The second date, he took her to the same place… and once again, he used a coupon. “On our third date — which I probably shouldn’t have gone on, but he made me laugh — he conveniently forgot his wallet in his sports car,” recalls Cecily.

2. The guy that couldn’t go the distance
Rhonda, 20, was excited to rent a nice car to drive on her visit with her long-distance boyfriend on his birthday — especially since they hadn’t seen each other in two months. She accompanied him on errands, they saw what he referred to as a “strangler movie,” and later, during dinner at a nice restaurant, he admitted to infidelity and begged for her forgiveness. Rhonda obliged — and then he called the next day and broke things off with her anyway. “That was a total date from hell,” she says… and we agree.

3. The invisible third wheel
Susan, 39, went on a date with a man who couldn’t stop gushing about another woman. “He talked a lot about a lady friend of his, their emotional bond, and he even admitted the woman was married and lived in another country,” she recalls. In fact, he talked about this mystery woman the whole night, much to Susan’s dismay. “It was obvious he was more comfortable with his quasi-fantasy relationship with her than face-to-face dating with me.”

4. The well-suited suitor
Sarah, 33, was impressed when her date Phil told her how much his suit cost. “Later, we were at a nice restaurant when I reached over him to grab a napkin and accidentally spilled the entire glass of shrimp cocktail all over his chest and lap,” she admits, thoroughly embarrassed. Luckily, this one still had a happy ending: Phil did ask Sarah out again.

5. The man who needed no introductions
Mindy, 36, wasn’t excited to go on a second date with one guy. Unfortunately, her gut instincts about him were confirmed when they attended a barbecue together that was hosted by her friends. The two were surprised when they walked into the party and he knew most of the guests — including Mindy’s best friend, who had briefly dated him in the past. “I had too much information on him from my friend’s description of dating him before,” reveals Mindy.

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