Astrology…What Is It?


antique astrology chart

Astrology …What Is It?

Astrology…what is it? There is an underlying benefit of every serious astrology reading whether the focus of same is to tell you where to live or whom to marry or if /when to quit your job. Continue reading

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Rudolph Steiner on the Unity of Consciousness

Rudolph Steiner

Rudolph Steiner on the Unity of Consciousness

Rudolph Steiner on the Unity of Consciousness is excerpted from
“Spiritual Aspects in History,” a lecture given by Rudolph Steiner
at Dornach, Switzerland on the 23rd of July, 1922

Writing about the consciousness of medieval European man in the first four centuries A.D., Steiner’s point is that the people of this time and place lived in a unity that has been since lost in the West – the unity of the spiritual and physical worlds. Continue reading

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Mechanical Age Versus Digital Age Consciousness:

right and left brain

Mechanical age versus digital age consciousness

Much of the planet’s present adjustment crisis comes down to this: mechanical age versus digital age consciousness. Following is a synopsis of the differences between these two modes of consciousness. Continue reading

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The universe and consciousness

What are the universe and consciousness; how do they relate to each other?

This video explores the  relationship between the universe and consciousness.

“We are consciousness inside a biological computer.”

From the Universe is an Illusion, but Consciousness isn’t.

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Christopher Hitchens’ Prescription For An Ailing Planet


Christopher Hitchens

Christopher Hitchens’ prescription for an ailing planet

When discussing Christopher Hitchens’ prescription – or more accurately, prescriptions – for an ailing planet – the uniqueness of the thinker and author is almost impossible to ignore.  Christopher Hitchens was one of a kind. Continue reading

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Sayings of the Mystical Thinker and Occultist Manly Palmer Hall

cosmic man

Sayings of the mystical thinker and occultist Manley Palmer Hall

It is a thousand times easier to be rich than it is to be wise, for shrewdness will accumulate money, but only inner illumination, resulting from hundreds of lives devoted to truth and integrity can result in perfect wisdom.

Men who think much do little, and with much action is usually small thought.

The universe always has work for those who are qualified to perform it.

Remember that you are an eternal self; that before the world existed you were, and after the world ends you will still be.

It takes many laws to keep a foolish man on the path of purpose, but the wise man needs no law at all… he is law.

It is impossible to escape fact, and it is impossible to make any unreality permanent.

“… you will discover that you are an inevitable Fact and must inevitably accomplish certain things, must inevitably pass through certain experiences, and must inevitably be yourself forever.”

“… incarnating souls are drawn into families in order to receive types of experience which they have earned in previous lives.”

Children are usually attracted to parents whose level of consciousness is similar to their own, or who offer the opportunities for the payment of certain specific type of Karma.

Each human being is his own priest, and only the obligations he makes to himself are real.

Under our present social psychology, mismating is the general order of things. Successful marriages are the exception.

If the home fails within itself, it is the worst form of stupidity to force uncongenial people to remain under the same roof for the sake of conventions.

For two people to live together, under such conditions, is more dangerous to the spiritual life than an amicable and intelligent termination of the whole affair.

The purpose of philosophy is to bring not arguments but fuller understanding, deeper appreciation, and fuller, more perfect tolerance.

Do not try to convert people… just convert yourself… and things are liable to turn out well in the end.

Developing more and more inward consciousness, the aspirant to spiritual things lives less and less in the material world, demands little from it, and is not deceived by appearances. A man can live spiritually in this generation if he will make spirituality the purpose of his living and will sacrifice to that purpose less worthy aims. Materiality is necessary to spiritual accomplishment. The physical world is the ante-chamber to the Temple of the Mysteries. Those who cannot pass the tests of living can not expect to enter the House of Mysteries.

Life itself is an initiation into the sanctuary of the Divine Mystery.

An individual who cannot achieve where he is cannot achieve anywhere else.

It is not the world we live in that counts; it is the way we live in the world that is important.

As long as accumulation dominates the purpose for living men will remain oppressed by their environment and limited by their times.

Great thinkers seldom arise from the moneyed classes.

It has been well said, if you have a good reputation and wish to keep it, stay out of politics.

Placidity is power, relaxation is length of years, detachment is health.

The Taoists of China , among whom are to be found a host of centenarians, gave us the first key to extensive living; the formula: Do Not Worry

The body is the prison of the Spirit and it is a foolish man who would choose to spend eternity in prison.

The pineal gland controls the flow of mental energy from the Ego to the physical brain.

The law of compensation or Karma, which is simply the principle of cause and effect applied to the individual destinies of men, decrees that as we sew, so shall we reap.

Those who are ready for knowledge need no encouragement, and all the encouragement in the world is useless for those who are not ready.

“… the man does not live who can save ignorant human beings from the rewards of their own stupidity.”

“… each individual must live his own life and must find truth his own way.”

“… even the gods grow.”

“… knowing is the product of thinking.”

Illumination should never be regarded as a solution to personal problems in the sense that it brings with it any improvement in the temporal state.

For more sayings of Manly Palmer Hall go to:

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On God and Consciousness


On God and Consciousness

Many of us try with all our might to believe that there is a single will, an entity, that has the last word on everything and that by supplicating or cracking the secret code of this entity…just as knowing the correct password will give us access to a computer’s hard drive we can have some insurance against the Unknown and can thereby avoid the aches and pains of uncertainty and give our lives that much more control,

What if we consider the contrary idea that it’s really all chance…that this whole thing that we call the Universe could be wiped out or changed just like that/  this kind of infinite randomness good or bad, and does it not really give us our ability to awake from our unregenerate sleep and come up into eternal life? In this case our God-image would be the fact that we can reason and love in spite of this whimsical nature of things. “Nothing is but that thought (faith, thought, whatever) makes it so!”

Maybe it’s our self-consciousness; our relative nature that is our ticket out of sleep and mortality! And maybe the last step in that process has everything to do with math and ratio, as Lord Kelvin indicated when he assured us that when you really know something you’ll be able to express it in numbers (except maybe for art, God and all that other good stuff. But then again maybe even these entities/issues/constructs have a rational side!).

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On Gerald O’Donnell’s View of the One Universal Mind

The One Universal Mind

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