A Review of “Call to Action”

A Review of "Call to Action"

A Review of Call to Action. This book about web design appeared in 2005. Since then, lots has happened in the world of computing – social media, mobile devices, iphones, Google Android, tablets, apps, touch screens, storage capacities commonly measured in terabytes instead of megabytes. Continue reading

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Why Many Blogs Fail



Why do so many blogs fail in the end? Online businesses are no different from offline ventures where it really counts. Both demand a quality product, a well-targeted marketing campaign and a willingness to do serious promotion of your products and services. Continue reading

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Where is Computing Headed?

2001 a space odyssey

What was the original promise of computing? Was it at first thought to be for professionals only; an aid to calculation and thinking to be used in laboratories, math research departments and corporate headquarters? Continue reading

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