A Baby Boomer Looks at Africa

Africa Map

Baby Boomer Looks at Africa

When I was in grade school, back in the nineteen fifties, most classrooms…not only in my school, one may presume, but all over the United States…had a large, hanging world map usually displayed in the front of the room.

Two colors stood out on these maps: red and green.The red represented the British Empire, and green that of the French. In both cases, these colors were most prevalent on that part of the map which represented Africa.


Sub-Saharan Africa a Mythical Place

Africa – especially the sub-Saharan portion – was, for us, a mythical place; filled with lions and leopards; elephants and rhinos and giant herds of herbivores whose appearance at the nearest watering hole often meant lunch was served to and for the canine-toothed predators who knew the weaknesses and foibles of their non-carnivorous neighbors.. Continue reading

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