Brighton Beach’s Cafe Glechik

Brighton Beach Avenue, known as “Little Russia” for the dominating culture of the Russian-speaking immigrants, is a little corner of the Old Country in the New World. Located on the southern tip of Brooklyn, it is best known for its wide variety of restaurants and Russian food delicatessens. Although Manhattan may be one of the most visited destinations and its restaurants are ranked among some of the best in the world, many visitors are discovering a little culinary haven in Brooklyn…Brighton Beach-from

“Sto etta?”“What is this?”

A concatenation of blinis, borscht and beluga caviar just a subway ride from the canyons of Wall Street the miles and miles of shop/boutique windows of Brooklyn’s more illustrious and decidedly more Western neighbor on the other side of the East River?Foodies have discovered this corner of Old Russia, replete with the ethno Russian punctuation marks of Jewish, Ukranian, trans-Caucasisn and Central Asian cuisine.

This week’s spotlight is on Brighton Beach’s Cafe Glechik

The Cafe Glechik  – telephone – 718-616-0766 Iin his book “No Reservations” the famous food writer Anthony Bourdain had this to say about this fixed star of Ukranian cuisine in Brooklyn’s Brighton Beach “….I never ate so well in Russia.” Having transported the eclectica of ice-free Odessa’s multi-ethnic dishes to the borough of Barbara Streisand, Winston Churchill’s mother and the once iconic Brooklyn Dodgers, this restaurant is well known to  gastronomically hip New Yorkers and tourists alike.
Glechik has two locations. One is in Sheepshead Bay at 1655 Sheepshead Bay Road, Brooklyn, NY 11235 call: (718) 332-2414. The other is in Coney island at 3159 Coney Island Avenue, Brooklyn NY, 11235 call: (718) 616-0766 (718) 616-0494. Hours are 11 am – 11 Pm except for Friday and Saturday when it is open until midnight.

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