United Nations Memorial to Victims of Slave Trade


slave trade

United Nations Memorial to Victims of Slave Trade…United Nations Unveils Stunning Memorial in New York To The Millions Who Were Killed and Sacrificed in Slave Trade To Create America’s Riches.  Continue reading

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Village Creek Said No To Racism

March on Washington

Village Creek Said No To Racism

Village Creek said no to racism From Connecticut Magazine, June 2011

Restrictive covenants were a fact of life through the nineteen sixties – and later – in the United States of America. Discrimination against minority groups was the norm, and if you were the wrong color, ethnicity, or religion many neighborhoods were unavailable to you. There was a notable exception, and that was Village Creek, Connecticut. This community of brave pioneers was interracial at a time when interracial marriage was against the law in many, if not most American states and (at a time when) almost none of the post World War 2 housing developments that were sprouting like mushrooms in America did not accept Black people.

“Through their police intermediaries, the Jesuit officials asked Willcox about the black family seen at the beach party. Willcox explained that they were friends who were thinking of buying home lots. The Jesuits sold their property within a week and soon vacated the island.

“After this incident, the word got out in the greater community and we were shunned,” says Willcox. “Before that, people were welcoming, but after that, forget it. I couldn’t get FHA insurance for mortgages. We were told flatly that we would have to get rid of our covenants if we wanted FHA mortgage insurance. I told them, ‘We are a cooperative and we are not going to change our covenants.’ The covenants were the whole basis for why we were there in the first place. And they said, ‘Then you don’t get any loans.’ As a result, we have never had an FHA-insured mortgage in Village Creek to this day.”

“During the ‘Red Scare’ this place was called ‘Commie Creek’,” says Phil Oppenheimer. “Because many of the homes here have flat roofs, some guy began spreading the idea that they were designed in this way to direct Soviet bombers to New York City,” says Hu Lindsay, a graphic designer and longtime Village Creek resident. “We also have houses with a lot of glass facing the water, which some other genius suggested was designed that way to help guide Soviet submarines to New York City.”

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