Subtle and Hidden Racism

Subtle and Hidden Racism

Covert racism exists everywhere in the United States and in other parts of the world, but is often denied by the people experiencing it and the people responsible for it. Why do racists hide behind insidious words and actions and why don’t the victims of subtle and hidden racism step forward with accusations and confrontations?

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Racism that is covert or subtle and hidden is hard to detect but is capable of wounding the people it is perpetuated against. How does one detect subtle and hidden racism? Most victims of this type of racism can tell you about how it feels but may be powerless to find a way to stop racists from doing their mean and hateful thing, and thus are wounded with remembering the words that hurt them or the actions that hurt them but do not know who to tell or where to go to find solace.

Therefore confronting this covert enemy may never happen. The whole mindset of a people, a community, or a racist group would have to be changed in order to see this happen.

It is no longer politically correct to indulge in overt racism, so therefore racism has become very covert, although covert racism has been around a long time.

There are two ways to look at covert racism. Covert racism can be highly organized within a legitimate organization or an organization that appears legitimate. Or covert racism can be loosely instigated within neighborhoods and communities. Churches and religious organizations may be loosely tied to covert racism and even closely associated with highly organized racist organizations.

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The legitimate organization:

The Mississippi State Sovereignty Commission is a good example of an organization that was set up within the governmental structure of the state of Mississippi. Set up as a legitimate organization its outward goal was to “protect the sovereignty of the state of Mississippi.” But its actions were insidious and covert. People suspected of supporting the Equal Rights Amendment of 1964, The Voting Rights Act, and desegregation were harassed, tormented, and stalked. Whites who were sympathetic to the cause, couples who were of different cultures such as a white woman married or going with an African American male, and African Americans were the victims of this type of racism. The operation included spies who could be African Americans spying on other African Americans and white Americans spying on white Americans.

Closely aligned to this group was the White Citizen’s Council which operated in not only Mississippi but in many other states. They operated much like the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) but were however covert and sometimes had members who were also Klan members. Rather than the outward and overt tactics used by the KKK, the White Citizen’s Council used economic means to covertly discriminate against their victims. If one found themselves never being able to find a job, this was the work of the White Citizen’s Council.

Does this remind you of anything in today’s American world? An African American gets elected president and suddenly the entire American country is in an economic downturn starting shortly before he was elected when it looked like he was going to win. Is there an insidious covert racist group responsible for this turn of events just as Barack Obama was about to be elected as president of the United States?…”

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