Space Migration and Consciousness

Space migration and consciousness

Space migration and consciousness…is it safe to say that there are people on the earth today who are – where it really counts – not really of nor from this earth?

What is the real relation between space migration and consciousness?

”Not being of this earth” can be taken literally, figuratively, metaphorically, or in any other conceivable way. In any case, we know now that we are not of this earth to the exclusion of the rest of everything else in the starry sky overhead. This means that we can at least begin to think along cosmic lines while still earth-bound  – if not fully airborne/space-bound quite yet!

This new kind of thinking; a thought process that factors in a definition of human being – not to mention the entire biosphere – as having some kind of umbilical cord, so to speak,   that attaches us to Space (not to mention time). One question that can be asked here is where does our DNA meet the stars and can a connection between the two – should it exist – be proved empirically?

Are we dwellers in space…even on planet earth?

The philosophical or spiritual side to this may be stated thus: are we humans – and perhaps all life – wired to and with the stars, and in some way or another has our entire history on earth up until now been influenced more than we know by a built-in sensitivity to what we can see (and beyond) in the night sky? Had even our less tech-savvy ancestors the same urge to return to a celestial home as so many of us do today?

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Mathematics vital in the Space Age

Another facet of stellar consciousness is/are mathematics. the strides made in mathematical thinking in the last few hundred years lie at the heart of the concurrent interest in and entrance into “outer space.”.The Space Age would be, in fact, unthinkable without the concomitant growth of mathematics and physics. The need for new equations and algorithms is vast, and the extraordinary computing power that has been applied so far to space launches and exploration will most likely seem primitive to members of later generations.

We need a new kind of intelligence

As new barriers are surmounted and the challenges encountered by space scientists become more and more complicated, a new and improved intelligence will be necessary, and what we now call artificial intelligence may have to undergo a Renaissance of productivity in order for us to get to this next level of space exploration. Better methods be found to handle the  computational needs that will surely be a result of continued progress in space flight technology. At the same time, new ways of imagining space itself must be developed.


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