Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt Tips

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Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt Tips. Here are tips I gathered from all my experience in Rainbow Six: Siege terrorist hunts:

Rainbow Six: Siege Terrorist Hunt Tips

I’m a level 100 clearance player in Rainbow Six: Siege. Since I only play terrorist hunt and have barely touched multiplayer, I’m pretty good at killing AI. It’s not that I don’t enjoy multiplayer. After all, I played countless Counter-Strike back in the day until I reached a point of being an above-average player. It’s  just that I became more cooperative than competitive and found that I enjoyed working together more  outplaying the other team – and the pressure that went along with it.

And this game is quite cooperative.

Here are tips I gathered from all my experience in Rainbow Six: Siege terrorist hunts:

No Soloing
Number one tip: teamwork. This goes without saying. Two are better than one. Each can cover the other’s blind spots so that neither of you is flanked.

Take it easy
The second most important tip: take it real easy and always find cover – even in hard mode. In hard mode you only can take 4-6 hits on average before you go down. Realistically speaking, it’s about 3-5 hits. Think of them as “lives” that you have. That’s really not many at all, so you really don’t want to just rush everywhere, gunning down everyone – certainly not against 30 or so terrorists per map! Patience is the key to survival here.  Abuse the drone.

Start right

Don’t just choose a “random” Protect area
On Protect game mode, picking a good starting area is crucial. The ideal one has as few entry points as possible – penetrable soft walls included. More entry points means you’re able to be flanked from more directions, which would be a nightmare to cover. An average spot has a 1:1 player : entry point coverage. Better to have 5 players : 1 entry point coverage, no? In this way all eyes can be focused on one spot.Moreover, there are no blind spots and no need to turn the head!

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Scout before disarming
Before planting the disarmer on Disarm Bomb mode, memorize the layout of the room. Newbies may not know the defuser doesn’t need to be next to the bomb, just in the same room. So choose wisely! As I said earlier, try to find somewhere where you’ll get flanked less – i.e., fewer entry points to guard. Once your cover spot is flushed out, run to the next best cover spot. I’m very often the last one on the team to survive disarm, because I always choose good spots. Also, Protect Mode experience helps boost your confidence in this mode. Warning: players can get impatient unless you plant very soon. Just ignore them and play your own patient game.

Watch that bar

Don’t kill the defuser killer so fast
Enemies trying to destroy the defuser have a bar showing how long until destruction takes place. Let the bar go all the way down, then kill that enemy. Destroying the defuser takes all of 10 secs. This means if done right. you may only need to peek out to kill the defuser killer about 4 times,  If the firefight gets big, though, you may need to kill  them more often. This is because countdowns may be forgotten through firefights.

Less fortification
Fortifying walls may not always be advisable, since you only have so many fortifying walls in supply. Once holes have been made in all the unfortified walls, how are you going to cover these new entry points? It might be better, therefore, to save them until after walls have have been pefnetrated. At times you also want to leave the “soft” walls to be able to snipe at the enemy through them. Occasionally though, soft walls can be a major problem, because bots instantly know your position after you make sounds and will shoot right through the wall before you can react.

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Getting Montagne on the team is a good defence against realistic mode bots. I’d argue that this is the only way to get consistent wins in realistic mode. Because every player can take only so many shots, Montagne’s is invulnerable to almost all of those otherwise damaging. The bots are stupid and will keep shooting at the shielder, and a sniper who is in a concealed position off to the side can pick them all off while they are distracted.

Hug the walls, shielders
Shielders can move more easily if their backs always hug the walls, and this means less vulnerability. You’ll look a little strange – moving sideways all the time – but by doing this you’ll often enjoy being last man standing!.

The awesome R4-C
Looking for the best gun for offense? My most favorite is Ash’s R4-C. This rifle has the fastest hip-to-aim animation as far as I know, which is crucial when trying to outgun an enemy. When two opposers have similar reaction times, the fast aiming capacity of this gun can give you an edge. Coupled with Ash’s speed, this feature means that enemies go down fast. It’s ability to inflict damage is also quite extensive, as well as the range (“medium to long range conflict”). On Protect side, I prefer Tachanka’s auto-rifle, which has the greatest  accuracy of all Protector guns. His portable machine gun is not always recommended though, since being stationary means being vulnerable. It does do a lot of damage though.

Try the triangular shaped reflex sights
The accessories are mostly preference. Silencers can prevent alerting bots so you won’t get swarmed from multiple angles unexpectedly. For sights, I prefer the ones with a thick triangle shape. This seems to give me the best accuracy. Somehow it’s easy to point with that triangle at someone’s neck/chest and easily get a headshot as it automatically recoils upward. My headshot count increased dramatically after I started using this.

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Shoot the suicide bomber’s backpack
This disables their bomb. I’ve yet to figure out where to shoot that makes them blow up prematurely.

Bot vulnerabilities/invulnerabilities
Bots have higher reaction time as: they are coming through the window, you break barricades, you’ve made sounds coming to them. They are slower when: they don’t know exactly where you are as they head your direction. They are aware of your position after you chuck a smoke. They aren’t when you’re shooting with a silencer out of their sight. Keep this in mind when hunting.

Revive cautiously
Smoke grenades are invaluable in reviving people. Don’t revive someone too quickly. In fact, most of the time you do not want to revive anyone at all during bomb defusing because of the danger in doing so. Wait til it is defused because their revive counter spans longer than defuse time. In all reviving situations you want to make sure the coast is clear before you do it, unless you throw smoke.

Aim trick

Shooting from the hip (not right clicking) is a lot less accurate than aiming through the sights. But there is a trick that will let you have sights accuracy while as if you are hip-aiming. If you right click to aim, you don’t need to wait until the gun is all the way up. You can shoot during the aiming animation and it will be as accurate as if it were all the way up already. If you’re good, you can right click and left click simultaneously. The trick is knowing exactly where the center point is and shooting it. This takes getting used to, but this speed will give you an edge.

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