Pay Scales for Writing Web Copy



Pay scales for writing web copy

Pay Scales for Writing Web Copy was originally originally published as “How Much to Charge for Web Copy Projects” by Rebecca Matter 

Pay Scales for Writing Web Copy

The subject of pay scales for writing web copy is crucial for anyone who wants to make a living in the ferociously competitive field of writing web copy.Rebecca Matter has given writers and those who want to write a very useful set of guidelines re the business of writing web copy for a living, with recommendations on how to go about estimating one’s fees  web work.

It’s the question that always gets asked, and never gets answered:

“How much should I charge for my web copy writing services?”

5 pay variables for web writers

And up until now the only answer you’ve ever received has been: It depends.

And for a good reason. There are a lot of variables to consider when pricing projects for prospective clients.

never Charge  by the hour

But during last week’s Bootcamp, I tackled this topic head on during my presentation titled “How to Become a Successful Working Web Copywriter in 2009.” And today I’m going share that information with you.

To start I’d like to first back up and answer the question often asked first:

“Should I give an hourly rate?”

The answer is no. You should never charge by the hour, and here’s why …As you gain more experience, you’ll begin to work faster and more efficiently. For example, the first time you write a landing page, it may take you five hours. As you continue to write them, they should take you less. If you were to charge by the hour, you’d actually end up making less money per project!

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5 variables to carefully consider re pay scales for writing web copy:

So now that you’re charging by the project, you’ll need to think about the following six variables when determining your project fee …

  1. Your Self-Marketing Strategy
    If you’re just starting out and are looking to build up your portfolio, it makes sense to charge a little less. You’ll be able to build up your portfolio quickly, and at the same time warrant higher fees by proving that you can deliver results.

Newbies should charge less

On the other hand, if you’re a seasoned online copywriter with more work than you can handle, you should be working your way up the pay scale. You can afford to raise your rates with current clients, and go after new clients who will pay you higher fees.

  1. Your Experience
    Even if you have a fairly solid portfolio with a wide range of work, you still may have less “hands-on” experience writing certain types of web copy.
  2. Project Value to Your Client
    Why do good copywriters make so much money? Because their clients make a lot more money. So the more money your web copy will potentially make for your client, the more bargaining power you have.
  3. Client Size
    How big is your client? Are you writing copy for a Yoga Studio in Austin, or are you writing for Nightingale Conant? There are different pros and cons to working for either size company, but you’ll want to take the client’s size into account when pricing.
  4. Page Length
    Is the sales page you’re writing for a toaster oven, or for an investment advisory service? If it’s for the latter, the sale will most likely require much more copy. While it won’t always apply, this variable is a great example of why one price will not fit all with web copy.
  5. Time Spent
    With every project, estimate how much of time it will take you to complete. Then multiply the number of hours by an hourly rate you’re comfortable with. But remember, you don’t want to charge less simply because you’ve become more efficient at what you do. But your time is valuable and will become more valuable as you perfect your web copywriting skills.
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You can see why very few web copywriters actually list how much they charge for their services. There are a lot of variables you need to first consider before naming your price.

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