Online Interviews Today

Online Interviews Today

Online interviews today are a crucial source of information.The need to deal with an uninterrupted stream of digital information about today’s increasingly wired and interdependent world is a permanent duty of today’s global citizen. One of the most effective ways of doing so, arguably, is the online interview format. Unlike the nightly news format that has become a staple of mass-market newscasts, it is neither staged nor packaged as virtual entertainment. Not being dependent on sky-high ratings to pay for itself, it can happily attend to the goal of providing quality content. What’s more, this can be done without cheapening the value of that content by appealing, as old school media often does, to base instincts rather than to the clear light of reason.

Online Interviews Today

The digital Interview format

The very format of the online interview, thus largely freed of these concerns, can offer the benefits of the Q and A – or Question and Answer, – format to its global audience on a daily basis in today’s intricately wired world. It thus serves as an ongoing global stream of important, relevant and useful information in the form of unscripted conversations between participants who are more concerned with the quality of their discussion than with the quality of the makeup applied to their faces in preparation for their appearance in front of the camera.

Online Interviews emphasize “real”

This refreshingly human touch allows us to identify with the folks engaged in the interview act and more easily absorb the information in a world in which viewers are still often mesmerized  by audio-visual tricks and tweaks artificial aspect of communication.The digital interview phenomenon is the town square/town hall of the digital global village, and because of that it is here to stay as a primary source of information.

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Regular people

It consists of “regular people” participating in the time-honored act of discussing the most important topics of the day in a  Q and A  format. It has a “gut appeal,” therefore, that no other online format has. In short, it engages us in a way that conventional, “analog” journalism does not; and the citizen journalism movement that is now an important dimension of the internet has allowed its practitioners and followers a freedom from strictly commercial considerations that traditional, large-scale  publishing and broadcasting simply can not.




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