Netflix Versus Cable Television

netflix                                        Netflix Versus the Competition
                                                                    By Erin French

Once again, Erin French has applied her interviewing skills towards garnering some interesting feedback from a variety of sources on a timely topic: what is more popular, Netflix or cable television?

 Cable service transformed what was described as a “vast wasteland” back in the early days of television in testimony given by FCC commissioner Newton N. Minow at a National Association of Broadcasters convention. Since then, cable has had to take on network television’s former role as the seriously challenged champion taken on by the new kid on the block. At present cable television is in a fight for its life, trying to stave off the threat posed by a technologically more advanced competitor – internet t.v. Will cable survive by “joining them” rather than by “beating them?!”

“With so many options to choose from, our viewing habits tend to vary from person to person. But if one thing is sure, Netflix is a tough competitor to beat.”

Katie Burleson, a barista at Starbucks in Austin, Texas, feels that she watches Netflix more than anything else because it’s so convenient. “It’s cheap, and there is a good selection of movies and shows,” said Burleson. “I can log in on anything, like my phone, and watch it anywhere.”

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Allison Clarke, a cashier and server at Shaved Ice Island in Austin, Texas, feels that using Netflix tends to be the easiest to use. “With TV, you have to wait a week for the next episode,” said Clarke. “With Netflix, you have the ability to just binge watch shows.”

Weston Young, a student at Austin Community College in Austin, Texas, feels that he doesn’t watch Netflix as often as he does other networks. “I probably watch Cable TV or TiVo the most,” said Young. “I can flip through channels and be introduced to shows that way.”

Christina Mabrey, a registered nurse based out of Austin, Texas, feels that she probably watches cable TV more often only because she likes to record her favorite shows and then watch them when it’s convenient for her. “But if I’m not at home and if I don’t have the TV in front of me, I tend to then go to Netflix and watch movies or any of the series that they have.”

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