Monkey City Tips and Tricks

Do you like defense games? Monkey City is an exciting and sort of weird game where one makes monkeys to defend against swarms of colorful balloons (called “bloons” in the game) in order to claim pieces of land for their own.

It is a tough tower defense game at times that made me struggle a lot, so I thought I’d help out some newbies at the game. It is overall, however, a great game for its genre for its great gameplay: its towers are unique, balanced, and all stand out on their own because of being great at their own roles. I especially love how combining these unique towers make for great synergy. The careful gameplay balance reminds me of games by Blizzard (like Starcraft).

This guide is based on the mobile version of the game. For PC, it can be played at

Build banana farms and banks ASAP

When you first start out, don’t think about anything else except getting these buildings first. The town banana farms provide steady revenue, given that you periodically log in to the game about every half hour to collect from them. You must do this, because the farms produce coins up to the limit of 500 each. Banks hold your city cash, so you cannot hold more than the amount that your banks allow you. So you won’t be able to gather from your farms unless your banks still have room for more cash. This is why you must always build banks and banana farms to the amount the game allows.

 No need to go crazy on NLL to acquire bloonstones

NLL means No Lives Lost. When you defeat a tile with no lives lost, you get 2 extra bloonstones. In my opinion, the reward of only 2 stones means they’re not worth striving very hard to get. Bloonstones can be traded for about 40 coins per stone, which is quite little. I’d only use them for times when I really want to speed up a building or research. Although sometimes, when you are at a lower level, researching a high level skill requires bloonstones, and in those cases you would want to save up bloonstones, if you want to get them early.

Save up star tiles for costly research

Some research costs very much, upwards of 30k-100k, requiring many banks and even upgraded ones, because you can only hold so much money at any given time. This means you’d have to level up a lot to build more banks to research more high level skills. However, there is a way to gain money more than the city limit can hold. When you defeat tiles when you are at your limit of cash, you still receive the cash prize for defeating them. So you can save up a lot of cash from winning tiles until he is able to afford an expensive upgrade. A shortcut to this is to refrain from winning star tiles, which often give a lot of cash compared to normal tiles. When you really need to research a high tier upgrade that you cannot buy, just defeat those saved up star tiles so you’d have enough money to afford the upgrade. This way, you can afford high level skills early in the game than expected.

The arctic wind + 3/2 boomerang combo

I’ll let you in on a little secret. The best non-MOAB defense in the game is arguably the 3/0 ice monkey + 3/2 boomerang (or above) combo. Preferably, you’d get two or three 3/2 boomerangs surrounding the arctic wind, front and back of it. What this combination does is that the ice monkey will greatly slow down the bloons so they’d group close together so the boomerangs bounce off all of them. The glaive ricochet ability makes the boomerang hit close together bloons, and the ice monkey sticks them altogether. This means every bloon that passes the arctic wind are guaranteed to be hit.

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The camouflage and MOAB-class bloons still need to be dealt with, so you need to look at other additions. They can be dealt with by mortars with signal flares (removes camo), 1/2 snipers, 0/2 village, or others. I prefer the village as it grants price reductions on nearby towers, although it’s very expensive.

At higher levels, one would want to upgrade the ice monkey to 4/0 and a boomerang 4/2, selling the other boomerang monkeys. This is pretty much an unstoppable combination against non-MOAB class bloons.

 Anti-MOAB strategies

MOABs undoubtedly the most painful to pop bloons, and unfortunately, the game doesn’t seem to provide many options to destroy them extremely effectively. There are a few strategies I recommend against them:

  • Build 4/0 to 4/2 bloonchippers. In my opinion, this is the best anti-MOAB tower in the game as they suck those blimps into their funnel and chip them down to just regular bloons. Not to mention that they are very cheap towers for what they can do against these huge bloons. Note that you need at least three 4/2 bloonchippers to take on a ZOMG.
  • Build many 0/3 cannons (“MOAB maulers”), which are unfortunately very expensive for lower level players. These by themselves surprisingly don’t do much damage against MOABs, but with many of them aiming at a group of MOABs, they can eventually take out all of them at once thanks to their area of effect damage.
  • Build 1/0 helis that follow your finger. These are very cost effective towers if you keep them at 1/0 and make them follow you to wherever many bloons need to be popped. But they always target the firstmost bloon, so some tricky management is required to make them target just the MOABs and not the weak bloons in front of them.
  • Build dartguns. Although I prefer helis over these because they are less cost effective, these don’t have the helis’ targeting problem as above.
  • Build 2/3 spike factories. These have the MOAB-SHREDR spikes, which are very effective against MOABs. However, the little bloons often clear away these spikes before the MOABs can get to them. So you need to separate them from the spike factory. You can do this by putting a 3/2 ice monkey before the spikes to slow them down while the MOABs get spiked.

Watch walkthroughs before trying a star tile

If you feel like a tile is very hard for you, watching video walkthroughs (found on the internet) is a very big help. I’ve many times made unsuccessful attempts before being saved by someone else’s strategy, which also took much time to think up. You don’t need to reinvent the wheel, so save yourself time by watching a helpful video. You can search them up by going to youtube and typing in the mission name (like Wattle Trees or Bloonprint Hideout).

 Special tiles can give long term benefits

If you’re feeling confident, go for the treasure box tiles and tiles marked with a star. After defeating them, you receive cash, bloonstones, special items, or other helpful things that can last for the long term. 20 treasure chests that can be found surrounding your city. Here is a full list of special items that can be gained (taken from Wikipedia):

  • Magic Banana Bag:Increases City Cash capacity by 1500.
  • Revenge Stick:Taking revenge grants 300 Bloontonium for free. (Mobile: Revenge only uses 80% Bloontonium.)
  • Enchanted Boomerang:Boomerang Throwers have +1 pierce. Obtainable from the Wattle Trees mission.
  • Blessed Dart:Dart Monkeys have +20% pierce. (i.e. +1 pierce every 5 shots for unupgraded Dart Monkeys)
  • Banana Replicator:First Banana Farm (resource building) has an increased +150 cash capacity.
  • Logistical Boots:+10% more City Cash awarded when conquering a tile.
  • Portable Dart Monkey:The player is granted a free Dart Monkey at the start of each game.
  • Magic Coin Purse:The game starts with $50 extra starting cash.
  • Epic Magic Coin Purse:The game starts with $200 extra starting cash.
  • Magic Spanner:Monkey Aces and Monkey Buccaneers cost 5% less.
  • Dark Temple Idol:Transforms Temples of the Monkey God into Temples of the Vengeful Monkey.
  • Bottle Rocket:Increases range of every Missile tower by 10%.
  • Ninja Scroll:Gives all Ninja Monkeys a 5% speed boost. Obtainable upon completion of Tranquil Glade.
  • Shard of Everfrost:Ice Towers freeze for 5% longer and 5% more frequently. Obtainable upon completion of Glacier.
  • Extra Sticky Substance:Glue gets 5% extra slowdown and 20% extra duration. Obtainable from the Special Mission Sticky Sap Plant.
  • Anti Camo Dust:Grants an activated ability for all subsequent games – for 20 seconds, removes all camo from bloons. Obtainable from one of the first Treasure Chests in the second city
  • Cuddly Bear:Grants an activated ability for all subsequent games – 20 bonus lives, 35 second cooldown once per round· Obtainable from the ZZZZOMG special mission.
  • Dragon King*:The Mighty Dragon King will soar across the skies of your city, protecting all who dwell within. (This will give the player a dragon king that flies over the city) Obtained from beating the Nian Dragon special mission. (*Only obtainable during the Chinese new year event on the iOS platforms.)
  • Egg Scrambler**:Scramble your emergency defenses. Triggers a free monkey boost once per game when you lose a life. Obtainable by getting the first prize in the easter egg collecting event (**This was available during the Easter event on the iOS and Android platforms.)

More Battle tips

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-Apprentice not recommended, use snipers instead. They are not cost effective as snipers.

-2/2 and below ice monkey not recommended. They are very weak and often let bloons through.

-2/1 and below ninja not cost effective. 3/1 and up are.

-Using 3/2 boomerangs not recommended, because they often let bloons through or miss, but paired up with 3/0 ice monkeys, they are lethal.

-Super monkey not recommended unless you can afford 3/0. They are not very cost effective at 2/2 and below. 3/0 seems more cost effective than 2/3.

-Tack shooter not recommended unless 4/2. They are weak and let too many bloons through.

-For beginners, fight only easy tiles as the game gets pretty hard for higher difficulties.

-Get ground zero upgrade (0/4 Ace Monkey) for higher levels, because the skill wipes out most things on the screen in one shot, especially good for stacks of MOABs.

-In battle, don’t just upgrade your units whenever you can as a lot of money can be wasted this way. Get only the important ones as needed at any points in time. For example, the Buccaneer’s range upgrade money could be better spent towards another buccaneer to help out.

-Keep your finger on the play button. Often times, when keeping the game sped up, you can get caught by a surprise wave of powerful bloons that can kill you in a split second. I’ve died countless times because I didn’t have time to react while the game is in sped up mode. So you need to keep ready against unexpected bloons and bring the speed back to normal when needed.

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-Group towers together against regrowth bloons. Regrowth bloons, or the heart shaped ones, are bloons that regrow when you pop layers off them. So if you don’t pop them all at once, they can overwhelm you by their quick regrowth speed. This is why you must not spread out your towers, giving those bloons time to heal themselves while passing between your towers. This is different from other tower defense games where spreading out towers is good tactic as it optimizes the distribution of enemies for each tower for hitting them.

– A good starting strategy I use is: a 3/1 ninja, two  1/1 snipers (1/2 if see camo leads), one  chipper, one spike factory at back, a 3/2 boomerang, a 0/2 village, then sell ninja and snipers for 3/0 arctic wind, and another 3/2 boomerang. Group these altogether for max effect against regrowth bloons.

-Putting a spike factory at end of the track is highly recommended. This takes out leaked bloons, especially camouflaged ones. However, it does not take out lead camos unless upgraded 2/0.

-In battle, banana farms are not recommended for players below level 20. Battles for these players not only are too short for farms to be of benefit (it takes 10 rounds for it to pay itself back, unless you sell it somewhere midway), but also the low level player is often too short on money to afford one.

 More Building tips

-Capture contested territory for most cash (giving you coins at about the rate of 3 farms). If you don’t capture, at least you can play through the rounds to reach milestone levels, which give you a good amount of cash and other rewards for reaching them.

-Leveling up fast is recommended, as it gives you more starting money for battle. To do this, building buildings is the fastest way. However, you want to get the buildings with the most experience benefit for their price. Many buildings give 2 XP per coin, but some others have a much worse rate. You also want to consider the land area takeup. Each building takes at least 1 tile to build on, and tiles require time to capture. So you want the most experience you can have for buildings while taking up as little space as possible.

-I recommend at least 5 spike buildings (for 25 spikes in battle) for your city.

-I recommend at least 1 pineapple building (for 5 pineapples in battle) (for unexpected leads or camo leads).

-Organize your buildings to have upgrade buildings, farms, and banks all in their own groups. This way, when a building has finished working on something, you don’t need to have to hunt for them for 5 minutes to tap them and confirm the work is complete.

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