From Italy Con Amore…the Moka Pot

From Italy Con Amore...the Moka Pot

From Italy con amore.…the Moka Pot brings you great almost-espresso coffee for the home about this affordable home coffee maker in this post from America’s Test Kitchen.From Italy Con Amore…the Moka Pot

I first used a moka pot almost 20 years ago, and have found no other relatively inexpensive home coffee makers that delivered as strong and as good a cup of coffee if you like your daily java to be espresso-like in strength.
Certain things to keep in mind when using this coffee maker are the ground that you’re using and the amount of brewing time you allow.
You’ll want to use an . A coarser grind will not allow for the right steam-coffee mixture to effectively permeate the coffee and those extra-fine, middle-eastern-type grounds will also be ineffective.

ALSO this pot is not “burner-independent” as are the famous French Press and Swiss Gold filter cup.It only takes a few minutes for the smaller sizes of moka pot to brew so don’t leave your stove burner unattended or you will end up with a badly scorched coffee maker and a burner that is encrusted with metal from the bottom of the coffee pot. I have lost two moka pots this way.


Moka Pot is small and inexpensive

Often referred to as poor-man’s espresso machines, Italian moka pots are small, inexpensive (under $100) coffee makers that use steam pressure to force hot water from a bottom chamber up through coffee grounds. That pressure isn’t high enough for true espresso extraction, but the coffee they make is stronger and more complex than anything brewed in a drip machine.

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Manual moka pots better than electric model

Of the eight pots we tested—three traditional 3-cup stovetop designs and five electric models with capacities twice as large—the electric mokas were universally disappointing, as they failed to deliver enough power and produced flat, characterless coffee. Conversely, two out of three of the stovetop devices, including our favorite, brewed rich, full-bodied coffee—once we mastered subtle techniques like gently tamping the grinds and immediately removing the pot from the heat.


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