Mechanical Age Versus Digital Age Consciousness:

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Mechanical age versus digital age consciousness

Much of the planet’s present adjustment crisis comes down to this: mechanical age versus digital age consciousness. Following is a synopsis of the differences between these two modes of consciousness.


Mechanical Age Characteristics: Intelligence was applied to the creation of machinery that did the work of human muscles.

Digital Age Characteristics: Intelligence is applied toward the creation of greater intelligence. Organization of any and everything, and our organizing is more than a collectively projected dominant or shared reality but the dynamic that actually co-creates mega- reality.

Reading and Writing:

Mechanical Age Characteristics:
Paper is king. Documentation is pen on paper until the mechanization/automation of writing and record keeping with the invention of the typewriter.
Even the most recent and advanced models of electric typewriter, the kind that were still in use years after the first personal computer was sold, still have more in common with Neanderthal cave etchings –  in so far as it is analog, not digital – than it does with the memory-poor (by 2014 standards) computers of the mid-twentieth century pioneer era of computing.

 Digital Age Characteristics: Paper is a pain in the neck, derailing the digital process whenever it is used along with computing. Hard copy is still useful as insurance; a safety copy of digital data that can easily be wiped out for no apparent or discernible reason on a corrupted digital file

Building Materials:

Mechanical Age Characteristics: Metal is the building element of choice. Steel allows for the creation and use of heavy machinery,  battleships, 500-car long railroad trains, mighty locomotives. and the I-beams that make 100+ story skyscrapers possible.

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Digital Age Characteristics: Plastic. Aluminium, titanium steel and dozens of other materials that are strong and much loighter than steel.


Mechanical Age Characteristics: Deadlines in weeks, months days. Communication has to go through many pairs of human hands, be it electrical (telegraph or telephone) or manual (snail mail).

Digital Age Characteristics: Now, as in this second or half-second or a tiny fraction of same!

Planetary Consciousness

Mechanical Age Characteristics: We know that we are not earthbound but still think that way.

Digital Age Characteristics: Is earth really home, now that people are booking (albeit it at prices that are prohibitive for most of us)seats on a commercial space shuttle flight?

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