Keyword Attribution Management System

keyword attribution management system

Finding the Right Keyword Attribution Management System

Finding the Right Keyword Attribution Management System is an important tool in Ecommerce. Web user behavior is rarely as simple as a single search leading to a conversion. Rather, online consumers tend to search in patterns that gradually become more specific as they understand more about the products and services they are seeking.

An effective keyword attribution management system will properly identify the search patterns employed by users, providing the data necessary to optimally position your website in each stage of the search process.

Three searches is all you need

First Search (Introducer): “Pet Supplies”

Second Search (Influencer Keyword): “Cats”

Third Search (Closer Keyword): “XYZ Cat Food”

A good keyword attribution management system is a 3-step process

to this keyword attribution management system, three steps is all you need to retrieve actionable data from your web analytics program. The initial search fills the role of introducer. It is the most general of the three searches, and has its pros and cons as to if/how much time, energy and money should be spent for this broadest phase of the search cycle. At this stage the product and/or service your website offers is still thought of in general terms, such as “real estate” or “pet supplies.” If you’re one of the “big boys” and can afford to pay ridiculous amounts – or amounts that would seem ridiculous to a smaller competitor – of money for pay-per-click placement on these broad search terms, then go for it.

Follow that traffic after it lands on your site

Otherwise, you’ll want to follow the traffic that enters your site via these general search words and phrases on to further stages before you take action. Let’s say our seeker after cat food has made his way from his entry search term – “pet supplies” – to “cats.” Let’s say, moreover, that the referring link was found in an article on the health advantages of pet companionship for seniors. O.K! I believe we’ve got some actionable data at this point! But what if these people who may be seniors, or someone who is thinking of getting a pet for elderly parents, goes on to click on “cat food.” Do we have an actionable trail of data at this point? Can we give the marketing a green light and tell them to go ahead and whip up a well-honed and effective marketing campaign based on these click paths? We know a few things about our site visitors at this point. First of all, there is a good chance they want to procure pet supplies now or in future. In other words, there is a good chance that they are buyers and not just early-stage investigators, We also know that they are senior citizens who are going to buy cat food for themselves or family members who are thinking of getting a cat for Mom and Dad.

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Let’s say we have a cat and that cat needs food. A reasonably intelligent starting point would be the search term “pet supplies.” While we’re at it, let’s call this first search the

Most general search term lands them on your site

Landing Strip search phase, because with this particular click behind us we’ve just landed on somebody’s web site.

A good  keyword attribution management system is both broad  and specific

#1: (Landing Strip): “Pet Supplies.”

This term is broad enough and specific enough at the same time to give us a reasonable degree of assurance that we are on the right track. There is a good chance that the search results will include a usable list of businesses that carry supplies for pets. At this point we may find ourselves at a fork in the road,

With our fork-choices consisting of “Now Click on Cats” or “Now Click on Food.” On the one hand, making a big deal out of this predicament may seem trivial and pointless. Assuming that the pet supply businesses given in the first few search results will be smart enough to have a web development plan that puts the emphasis on an easily-navigated and logical site structure – as well as on the optimization of these two basic sub-categories (cats and food), Let’s say this choice is pretty much a choice between “good” and “better,” and that clicking on either term will get us to our site/page destination quickly enough! Just for argument’s sake, let’s choose “cats” as the second level search term.

As search continues make search terms more specific

Say we choose the term we think will work better at this stage of the game – “cats.”

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Things to remember here:

  • Don’t jump the gun by making unwarranted inferences from the data. We are playing detective here, so just follow the evidence without falling into the common trap of wishful thinking. The beauty of web analytics tools is that they allow us to proceed empirically by breaking the data down into bite-sized chunks.
  • Simple two-or three-segment reports can work wonders. Google Analytics evangelist Avinash Kaushik comes back to this point time and time again, and it is a point well taken by those in the know re everything analytics-related. Action is the desired result of data-collection, not further analysis. Knowing who your referrers are, where they went once on your site and where they exited – simple three segment analysis – can yield actionable results.
  • ABT…always be testing (or always be tweaking the results of these reports). Whether you see web analytics as a daily chore on a par with making sure that your office bathroom is stocked with essentials or, on the other hand, something much loftier, it is the ant who wins this race – not the grasshopper. It is an ongoing and permanent task for your business – web analytics – and dependent on the persistent efforts of people who understand the need to analyze, analyze and analyze – and make req1uired changes – on a regular basis. Attention to facts/figures and the ability to perceive meaningful patterns for same are what you want in your analytics team, not the desire to score a great big coup for your business by making a once-and-for-all breakthrough in data analysis that will solve your company’s financial problems in one fell swoop and forever.
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Second Search (Influencer Keyword): “Cats”

Third Search (Closer Keyword): “XYZ Cat Food”

…to be continued



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