Keyword and Multi-Channel Attribution

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 Keyword and Multi-Channel Attribution…read on to learn how to make keyword
and multi-channel attribution your path to a successful website.…the following is an excerpt from From Search to Conversion: The Next Step in Keyword and Channel Attribution published by the Vector Media Group


Keyword and Multi-Channel Attribution

What is Keyword Attribution?

Keyword Attribution is the process of accurately valuing the search engine keywords used by visitors as they find and explore – and ultimately take action on – a given website.

With the evolution of Internet Marketing and Search Engine Marketing over the last decade, various Web Analytics software applications have emerged that have provided some insight into keyword attribution and allowed marketers and webmasters to better understand visitor behavior as they move from search engines to destination websites to onsite conversions of one type or another.

The Problem with Most Keyword Attribution Models

The problem with most keyword attribution models is that they place too much value on last-click keywords. For example, most analytics packages will only tell you which keyword phrase was used by a visitor when they converted on your website.

There is no mention of the various keyword searches that were performed earlier, which are often broader, less specific search terms. These are the keywords that introduced your website to the visitor and helped to bring them in the door, so to speak. From here, it’s typical for users to employ slightly more detailed searches before refining their queries to the “last-click” specificity.

Web user behavior is rarely as simple as a single search leading to a conversion. Rather, online consumers tend to search in patterns that gradually become more specific as they understand more about the products and services they are seeking.

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An effective keyword attribution management system will properly identify the search patterns employed by users, providing the data necessary to optimally position your website in each stage of the search process.

First Search (Introducer Keyword): “Salon Supplies”

Second Search (Influencer Keyword): “Salon Apparel”

Third Search (Closer Keyword): “XYZ Professional Salon Capes”

Understanding the Game

In the game of basketball, the ball going through the hoop during a slam dunk is only the final act in a series of complex movements and scenarios that result in a score. In much the same way, the keywords used during a website conversion represent the final act in a complex process that lead to that conversion. In order to have an understanding of how the game of keyword attribution is played, we need to see all of the players and grasp how each one contributes to a scoring play – the conversion.


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