Meet Karyn Langhorne Folan, author of “Don’t Bring Home a White Boy”

Interracial Couple

            Interracial Couple

 Karyn Langhorne Folan

Interviewed by Jenee Darden
Journalist and Blogger at

Published in the Huffington Post on 04/08/10

Part 1
Recently I met a successful, Harvard Law educated black woman in her mid-40s. Now fill in the blank. She’s also ___ and ___. Did you guess single and lonely? Unfortunately, you may think that’s the answer judging by all of the news coverage on black women’s love lives. But author Karyn Langhorne Folan is happy and married. Her husband is white. In what some women feel is a black-male shortage (black women outnumber black men by 1.8 million), Folan encourages other black women to explore a new flavor of love in her book Don’t Bring Home a White Boy: And Other Notions that Keep Black Women from Dating Out.

“Don’t bring home a white boy” is a warning some black women hear once they reach a dating age (I was warned “don’t bring home a baby” when I started dating). It’s also an idea many black women are strongly sticking to. But black men, who were told growing up to “stay away from white girls,” are down with the swirl in higher numbers. U.S. Census data from 2006 reveals 3.7 percent of married black women compared to 8.4 percent of married black men have non-black spouses.


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