Interracial Marriage


Interracial Marriage

Is interracial marriage the only way to overcome racism? Some would say it is definitely not; that the deeper causes of racism are not addressed with interracial unions; that only a willingness on the part of an oppressive majority to ruthlessly examine their racist history and follow through on same with a sweeping social transformation will eliminate racism.

Their work, however, would not be over at that point. In order to make any such changes work on a long-term basis, they would then have to permanently monitor society for signs of racism and if/when detected root it out by whatever means necessary – given the toxicity that is racism.

 Longevity of racism

Others believe that racism can be abolished by love; the kind of love that leads to marriage and children. There are objections to this belief. A common one is based on the longevity of White racism at both the personal and institutional level.  According to this school of thought, the growing number of Black-White unions – even those which result in marriage and offspring – cannot undo the critical mass of injustice that comes with four centuries of grossly unequal treatment and murder.

Racism like poison gas

Without addressing the blunt facts of history – a task that is that much more daunting precisely because history is manifold and wears many disguises – we will get nowhere in the attempt to end racism in America. One way to do this is through turning finally and unequivocally towards truth, as far as the White majority goes. Those of a certain age in this group need to see that they were raised in a thoroughly racist environment, and that agreeing to recognition of this fact is a necessary and sufficient first step – for some White Americans – towards eliminating the racism that prevailed in the America of their childhood. To use a physical analogy, if one has inhaled poison gas the first step is to get it out of his system and the second (step) is to make sure it doesn’t get back in – a process, which like that of conquering racism, takes effort and may be accompanied by much pain.

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Interracial marriage

Another way of combating racism –  interracial unions – may also be said to have something to do with history, if they prove to be the only way whereby  America’s racist past leads to a non- (or multi-) racist future…
…to be continued

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