The Internet and Spacetime

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 The Internet and SpaceTime

Are the internet and spacetime two coefficients in a new mathematical formula?Can we apply Einstein’s brainchild to our daily lives?

In the film “Click” Christopher Walken plays a virtual wizard of an electronics store salesperson (or some such) who provides Adam Sandler with a device that will allow him to freeze time, affording  whoever uses it with the kind of power over basic reality that is only found in fairy tales and scifi. Truth be told, are we really all that far off when it comes to achieving this capability?

Consider the “one-click” option in Amazon and other online stores, a feature that allows you to buy something in a matter of seconds. Relying on stored personal data, the process– one that involves numerous pairs of hands, a complex database operation and the synchronized efforts of warehouse personnel, administrators, technical personnel, delivery drivers, airplane pilots and sea captains –  is set into motion by a single click. Presto change, with the slightest exertion of one of our fingers we are aboe to launch a sequence of events involving the coordination of space, time and energy – using technology to create a virtual Aladdin’s Lamp!

We will only master space and time practically when we can actually come up with algorithms that actualize and rationalize a deep understanding of spacetime. Although we credit this concept – one which immediately brings Albert Einstein to mind –  to the point of veneration, we still have not broken the code, so to speak, in a way that will allow us to apply the fruits of our intellectual grasp of spacetime to the material world.

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This theory’s keyword for time is instantaneity,

There are certain trends in our everyday lives, however, which make such mastery seem like a foregone conclusion in light of our technological march toward digitally-enabled instantaneity.

Consider the field of communications. With the invention of the telegraph, the first electrical communications device,  a message that theretofore had taken months to cross an ocean was now delivered instantly. This was soon followed by great improvements in the application of steam power to travel by both sea and land; improvements  so important that a month-long Atlantic crossing via sailing ship now took only a week, while a week-long journey by stagecoach took a railroad train a single day . Then, of course, came the internal combustion engine and its application to travel by land and by air. In short, what took our great grandparents or great great grandparents a month to do now takes only a few hours. And then there is space travel…

…to be continued 

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