In-groups & out-groups…a poem

                              In-groups & out-groups…a poem

Says the in-group to the out-group: “You are not us!”

The out-group answers: “Because we are not you we are not even us.”

Therefore we will now begin to create a “we” that is based on our not being

you, a “we” that consists of our saying “Yes you the in-group are we and while

part of the we that is you and not us really has nothing to do with us because

this “we” says we only exist for you and exist therefore not to really exist and

the funny thing is the more we try to exist in this quandary, this predicament

of predicaments the less we feel that we even know what existence is let

alone have any kind of right to know it and love it.

And if and when we see through all this and choose to create a “we” which is

no longer just a reaction to not being you, then won’t we really be reacting

even more reactionarily reinforcing our initial stance of non-being because this

new us is really just a “not-you?!”

When we become aware of this, what is to be done? Is transcendence the

only way out here, something based on the transformation of self but of all

selves and the idea of self…itself?!?!



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