Getty Ambau’s The Four Pillars for Your Health, Good Looks and Longevity

Four Pillars For Your HealthGetty Ambau’s The Four Pillars for Your Health, Good Looks and Longevity
“The idea of eating good food to nourish our body and keep it healthy is not novel. Nearly 2500 years ago Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, advised us to “make food our medicine, medicine our food.” Read more about the author and the book…

From the introduction to The Four Pillars for Your Health, Good Looks and Longevity:
“But the practice of choosing and organizing our foods according to their maximum nutritional benefits and disease-preventing properties may be new, because most of us eat merely to kill an appetite or to satisfy hunger,” Most of us don’t have even a rudimentary knowledge of nutrition. The subject was neither a part of our academic training nor our family upbringing.

Our doctors don’t receive more than one semester of training on diet and food in medical school, hardly enough education to expect them to be our purveyors of good health through proper nutrition.

They are trained mainly to prescribe drugs. For most of us, good health or wellness means taking pills when we get sick or going under the knife when we have a cancer, a blocked artery or any other ailments to remove or fix the disease.

But these diseases happen primarily because we have abused our bodies by engaging in risky behavior and overeating. Smoking, using drugs, consuming excessive alcohol and sexual promiscuity are risky behaviors. A life long consumption of foods rich in fats, sweets and salts are the other causes. Some of us may live or work in a polluted or stressful environment.

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Proper nourishment of our bodies, so they can heal themselves when they get sick or prevent diseases should be in our everyday, conscious thoughts. Our bodies are made to take care of themselves when we,,,the right nutrients.

The fundamental law of nature for most life is to live out its genetically programmed lifespan. No life is created to self-destruct or to die prematurely.

It takes a conscious effort to love and care for yourself. It takes deliberate work to know what is good for your body and to choose foods and drinks that will keep you fit and healthy for years to come. This also means becoming knowledgeable about the many risk factors (cigarettes, fatty foods, drugs, excessive use of alcohol and salts) and minimizing or eliminating them from your life…”

After earning a Bachelor of Science degree from Yale University and authoring several books about nutrition, Getty Ambau became a writer of young adult fiction. The first three volumes of his Desta series are available on Amazon, as is The Four Pillars for Your Health, Good Looks and Longevity.

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