Erin French Interviews Millennial re Trump


Election 2016“I believe the movement is about keeping our countries wealth within its borders. I feel there are many parts of our country that are financially struggling because of manufacturing jobs moving to other countries.”…Erin French Interviews Millennial re Trump…March 2017

What do you believe the “Make America Great Again” movement is all about?

-I believe the movement is about keeping our countries wealth within its borders. I feel there are many parts of our country that are financially struggling because of manufacturing jobs moving to other countries. To me, the slogan is about reviving our countries financially struggling areas.

How did you feel about the Muslim Ban?   

-I feel that it is defiantly over the top and a little absurd. To put a blanket assumption over an entire religion because of a small minorities actions…. Its total BS. Muhamad Ali was a Muslim for cryin out loud

 How did you feel about his thoughts on building “the wall”?

-I do not think a wall will solve any issues, there is already a wall/ impenetrable fence in parts and people just dig tunnels…. I have a feeling there is just some corruption issues at the border crossings, I don’t have enough facts to really say though. I did hear that at one point, America liked the influx of cheap labor and Mexico was the one getting mad at our loose border control. One day you like it, the next day you don’t…. I don’t think it should be built

After his interview resurfaced about “grabbing women by the pussy,” sexual assault attacks are said to have skyrocketed. Do you feel like you’ve witnessed or heard of sexual assault attacks occurring more often, and if so, do you think this has been a result of Trump’s infamous interview?

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-I have not heard of any direct correlation of this. I doubt he had influence though if there were, presidents are not usually trend setters as far as American culture goes. There’s enough nastiness OKing that type of behavior on tv/movies.

How do you feel about the statements he’s made towards women and people of other races and ethnicities?

-I do feel he is a little too blunt at times. I don’t feel like I’m a racist, but I do at times stereotype on looks. The difference is I keep these thoughts to myself, he needs more self control. It is very surprising to me that these statements didn’t prevent him from taking the election…. Its like most of the country just brushed it aside, lol.

How do you feel about Trump green lighting the Dakota Access and Keystone pipelines?

-I knew it was inevitable, not too much of a surprise because it’ll create jobs in the construction and maintenance of it. I am a little worried about renewable and greener energies being overlooked though, I feel our dependence on oil will continue until there’s no more left in the ground, lol. I like gas, I use it in my car and motorcycle and it brings me joy, so I really can’t complain. The pipelines should bring down our dependence on foreign oil producers and will hopefully save the city of Houston from having too layoff everyone, lol. Houston oil companies are laying off aaallllooootttt of people right now, maybe some of trumps energy policies will help them keep jobs.

How do you feel his policies will affect you, as a college student?

-I don’t feel I will be effected at all, unless he takes funding away from federal grants for college students, lol

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How do you feel about him declaring mainstream media the “enemy of the American people”?

-I did not hear that, lol, I do agree with this though. I see so many people wasting soooo much time watching tv and listening to music with lyrics worse than anything trump has said…. I did enjoy him being critical with the news broadcasters, it does seem a conflict of interest when the news is reporting on things that shouldn’t be public knowledge, like who he is having phone calls with and so on…The news likes to blow small things out of proportion at times and I feel like they need to be checked and called out for it.

How do you feel about Trump’s relationship with Putin?

-Almost no comment, I feel like something big woulda already happened if it was gonna…. I think its just something the media is poking at just cause.

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