Sky God…a Poem

tropical beach


Sky God…a poem

Some imagine a God that lives in the sky, cosmic and loving and time-ruling and more passionate than passion itself.

They try to please him and be as good as him and devote their lives to transforming themselves in and into his/her image.

This dweller on high – high in the sky and even way above the deep blue that lies above – what skies do I imagine he rules and how does he/she rule them?

I want to worship a sky God of the south… warm and fuzzy and endlessly Venusian, an embryo that houses the most artful mansions of the soul; bearer of astral mysteries and portal to the beauty of what lies beyond

The spirituality of the saved and enlightened, those noble chords in their most refined octaves – the Sermon on the Mount, the Ten Commandments, the light-filled maxims of Gautama Buddha, the Scorpio-sharp sayings of the Arabian prophet –
– let them laugh themselves into existence with all the sweetness of a baby’s breath…carried along by the gentlest of breezes that stir the fronds of a rapt and waiting congregation of coconut palms lining a moon-kissed beach.

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Ode to the Future…a poem

Spiritual Science

Ode to the Future…a poem


Future future…

Thee whom we don’t know and worship just the same

A future made of time as well as space

Of things seen and unseen by us

Who are awakening from the longest sleep

Bless us with thy nondenominational splendor

Grace us with thy unjudging, all-embracing all-accepting wisdom.

Give us an understanding of Einsteinian physics.

And lead on in the merriest of ways!

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Silicon Valley…a Poem

Silicon Valley…a Poem

Having spent twenty years in the Silicon Valley

It’s time to come up with a tally

of things that matter most

in this very special place.

Where the climate is so sunny

and so many are impassioned

to chase that big money

with ways to make things happen

with less brawn and more brain

And someday who knows

they’ll come up with an algorithm

to make the sun shine

when the forecast calls

for rain

But one thing I know one thing I can explain

and that is that in this bastion

of pride, smarts and power

where dreams sometimes come true

and sometimes go sour

that in this land of zeros and ones

much of the time…

life just ain’t fun!


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Apps…a Poem









Apps…a Poem

We need apps to tell you what you’re thinking

Apps to make you money

Apps to bring you close to God

And Apps that are funny

Apps to massage your brain

Apps to clean your soul

Apps to make you happy

Apps to heal your cold

Apps to help with homework

Apps to check your math

And Apps to help you find your way

As you travel down your life-path.



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My Country….a Poem

globe with flags

My Country….a Poem

America is a Christian country.

Saudi Arabia is a Muslim country

Cuba is a communist country

Where is there or is there a country

Made up of People of reason;

People with hearts that live and love

People who seek knowledge and justice

And beauty and truth and don’t think

That they know what it’s all about

And therefore don’t tell anyone else what

To believe, and instead of telling each other

what to think they gently encourage each other

to think!

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Inequality…a Poem

political meeting

Inequality…a Poem

Inequality leaves us in a great big pickle

Making us act in ways that are fickle

We take our eyes off the prize

and  do otherwise

So that the guy with a dime despises

The guy with just a nickel.


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Goodbye Twentieth Century…a Poem

Outer Space

Goodbye Twentieth Century

From death camps to space

Oh how it’s been a race

To leave behind those earthly memories

Earthbound and earth-hugging

As if History itself had been

The victim of a mugging

and the only cure for Auschwitz

Is the comedy of Space

Herr Hegel talked about Being

And said that consciousness can be freeing

And about how in this modern age of ours

We all know that we’re free

So maybe the cure for what ailed us

In that century that often failed us

With death camp and gulag,

With wars that were global

Is to count on space flight

To make us more noble

What better way to escape

From all that depravity

Than by going up up and up

Away from all that Gravity

’till memories of Hell just simply fall away

Like the morning fog

On a late August day

Retreating in mid-morning

From the San Francisco Bay



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In-groups & out-groups…a poem

                              In-groups & out-groups…a poem

Says the in-group to the out-group: “You are not us!”

The out-group answers: “Because we are not you we are not even us.”

Therefore we will now begin to create a “we” that is based on our not being

you, a “we” that consists of our saying “Yes you the in-group are we and while

part of the we that is you and not us really has nothing to do with us because

this “we” says we only exist for you and exist therefore not to really exist and

the funny thing is the more we try to exist in this quandary, this predicament

of predicaments the less we feel that we even know what existence is let

alone have any kind of right to know it and love it.

And if and when we see through all this and choose to create a “we” which is

no longer just a reaction to not being you, then won’t we really be reacting

even more reactionarily reinforcing our initial stance of non-being because this

new us is really just a “not-you?!”

When we become aware of this, what is to be done? Is transcendence the

only way out here, something based on the transformation of self but of all

selves and the idea of self…itself?!?!



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Phones…a poem

Phones…a poem

We have more phones today ever, so we do more talking on the phone.

Do we do more thinking too, because we do more talking?

Maybe we do less thinking because we do more talking and the fact

that we think less, instead of leading to our talking less, leads us to the exact

opposite state of affairs so that instead of talking less and thereby creating

the possibility of thinking more we (instead) think mainly about what we’re

going to say/do/eat /watch (as in tv) next without any thought of whether

this/these actions will be good, bad or indifferent nor any thought about

whether this planet-wide explosion of cell phones, smart phones, tablets,

mobile devices, mp3 players and all the rest of this specific, general and/or

all-purpose digital stuff,shyte and whatever else that we have invented to talk

now and forever with every-and anybody else on the planet or on other

planets) instantly,instantaneously and maybe someday or soon at or

exceeding the speed of light until we become a jungle full of parrots (no

offense to same/they haven’t become the slaves of technology and probably

make more sense in their nonstop nattering  than we do iin ours)chattering

ourselves into an oblivion of devolution and rapid-fire texting sans sight, sans

mind and sans meaning.



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Greedy…a Poem

How do the greedy get greedy

Does it come from a fear

Of being needy

Is it due to a state of childhood lack

Or is it simply one of those things

That can take over a life

And fill it with strife

As easily as a fast train

Can run off a track

Is it vicious and mean

A force that is obscene

Or just another plant in the soil

In which its sufferers are embroiled

Is it due to the karma in which they are coiled

Are are we making too much of a fuss

Over something

That like old age and death

Is just another case

Of a flawed human race

Being prone to

The promiscuity


The dust?!



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