‘Brexit, Trump, Right Wing Populism

Brexit, Trump and right-wing populism

Brexit represents a growing trend in worldwide populist movements that threaten to undermine democracy, both in Europe and in the U.S. -into a belligerent nationalism that now threatens its very existence Continue reading

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Interracial Marriage


Interracial Marriage

 Interracial Marriage

Is interracial marriage the only way to overcome racism?
Some would say it is definitely not; that the deeper causes of racism are not addressed with interracial unions; that only a willingness on the part of an oppressive majority to ruthlessly examine their racist history and follow through on same with a sweeping social transformation will eliminate racism. Their work, however, would not be over at that point. In order to make any such changes work on a long-term basis, they would then have to permanently monitor society for signs of racism and if/when detected root it out by whatever means necessary – given the toxicity that is racism.

 Longevity of racism

Others believe that racism can be abolished by love; the kind of love that leads to marriage and children. There are objections to this belief. A common one is based on the longevity of White racism at both the personal and institutional level.  According to this school of thought, the growing number of Black-White unions – even those which result in marriage and offspring – cannot undo the critical mass of injustice that comes with four centuries of grossly unequal treatment and murder.

Racism like poison gas

Without addressing the blunt facts of history – a task that is that much more daunting precisely because history is manifold and wears many disguises – we will get nowhere in the attempt to end racism in America. One way to do this is through turning finally and unequivocally towards truth, as far as the White majority goes. Those of a certain age in this group need to see that they were raised in a thoroughly racist environment, and that agreeing to recognition of this fact is a necessary and sufficient first step – for some White Americans – towards eliminating the racism that prevailed in the America of their childhood. To use a physical analogy, if one has inhaled poison gas the first step is to get it out of his system and the second (step) is to make sure it doesn’t get back in – a process, which like that of conquering racism, takes effort and may be accompanied by much pain.

Interracial marriage

Another way of combating racism –  interracial unions – may also be said to have something to do with history, if they prove to be the only way whereby  America’s racist past leads to a non- (or multi-) racist future…
…to be continued

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Are the police outdated?

Police #2

 Are the police outdated?

What happened in the town Ferguson, Missouri has had major consequences. Are the police outdated, and do we have to go back to the proverbial drawing board and rethink our most basic assumptions about law enforcement?. Continue reading

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Draconian Drug Sentences in America

just say no


Draconian drug sentences in America are now seen as a problem, not as a solution as it was a few generations back. Ill advised and ill begotten, the once-vaunted war on drugs has served as a vote-getting strategy that has helped to put opportunistic politicians in office while doing little to end the scourge of hard drugs in America. In fact, it might have worsened the situation more than anything else has.

Draconian Drug Sentences in America

By Dr. Sinclair Grey III
from kulturekritic.com

 America and its Draconian drug laws

First time drug offenders, often nonviolent youths, have been given stiff drug sentences for years now in an ill-conceived attempt on the part of conservative forces to ‘storm trooper” the problem of drug addiction and related crime, much – if not most – of it caused by this self same Draconian sentencing policy Continue reading

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Abortion and the Two Americas

Abortion in America

Abortion and the two Americas…an insurmountable dividing line today?

The 2012 presidential election is well over and millions of Americans are breathing easier, happy that the big bad GOP Goliath has once again – at least for now – been vanquished  by David. Other Americans are very angry. They believe that their America , the true America of hardy yeomen and liberty-loving freeholders – is under siege. Continue reading

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How to talk to a Republican

How to talk to a Republican


Afraid your right-wing uncle is going to take you to the proverbial cleaners with your political discussion that invariably follows the pumpkin pie and coffee? Don’t worry. Help is on the way. Just keep on reading and click on the link to learn all you ever wanted to know about how to talk to a Republican!

Sooooo…it’s Thanksgiving dinner and you, in all your pristine Liberal splendor, find yourself sitting just across the table from that Republican uncle who thought that Ronald Reagan was heaven-sent and thinks that Rush Limbaugh is the epitome of wit. Your uncle always gave you a crisp, clean $10 bill on birthdays when you were a tyke and has a spot in his heart for you that’s softer than butter. The problem is that when he starts carrying on about how the Socialist Obama is secretly working for Beijing and Havana (on days when he is not working for Al Qaida and fifty other terrorist groups) you need to grip the table hard with both hands to keep from jumping over the table and choking some sense into him –  or at least screaming at him like a crazy person.

Well, it can be rough indeed. When coffee and that second slice of oh-so-good home-made pumpkin pie are served, we all know that the conversational fireworks are ready to launch. You’re about to get into a verbal cage fight with your-beloved-but-Bill-O’Reilly-loving uncle and your deepest wish is for this Thanksgiving showdown to be different.

In other words, this time you want to win …or at least hold your own so you don’t end up making that long drive home with a swarm of unsaid retorts floating around in your noggin.

Well folks, at last you can do just that with your favorite Neanderthal-leaning  and near-geriatric blood relation with this terrific website that exists just to help you feckless Democrats and Liberals to learn how to stick it to your interlocutor instead of going home with a bad tummy after internalizing the verbal/political a___ kicking you got last year and every year from that feisty old aunt or uncle! You know which ones I’m talking about, don’t you? That’s right, we’re talking about the one whose unventilated mind makes you wonder about who you are and what gene is waiting to make you similarly ogre-like in your dotage

Ready to rumble? Just go to:

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Who is Kevin MacDonald?

right wing skinheads

Who is Kevin MacDonald?

What do his theories and books mean to people of color and Jews in America?

Extremism depends on brains before the use of brawn is even a consideration. We are very much creatures of ideas. The street violence that accompanies right wing racism is the effect of a deeper cause – i.e. Von Clausewitz‘ “war that is politics by other means.” Continue reading

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America the Troubled Superpower

US military

Is America the world’s supercop?

America the troubled Superpower.

Serious problems at home make it doubtful whether America can continue to play the role of “World Supercop” that it has played since World War II.

There were lines the United States would never think to cross

“As the 20th century came to an end, international politics still included a number of bad actors and many states wary of the preponderant power of the United States. And certainly there were lines the United States would never think to cross, such as direct confrontation with Russia over the treatment of Chechnya or with China over the treatment of Tibet. It would have to remain prudent in avoiding direct confrontation with the few remaining nuclear powers that could put up a serious fight. An example of this sort of prudence came in early 2001. An American EP-3 surveillance aircraft had to make an emergency landing on Chinese territory after colliding midair with a Chinese fighter plane dispatched to intercept it. With tensions rising, the George W. Bush administration chose to de-escalate the confrontation with an ambiguous statement of apology. “
So says Tod Lindberg in “The Depressed Hyperpower” (Commentary July 2013).

America’s superpower status is taken as a given by some and a sound bite by others these days. It is considered to be a very troubled Superpower by many.

The World’s policeman since the end of World War II

The World’s policeman since the end of World War II American intervention is taken as a given in cases of emergency, with the U.S. expected to take an active – and sometimes proactive – role in putting together military coalitions when and where such intervention sis called for. Some cases, such as the 1st Iraq War of 1991, are more attractive to America’s allies than others – such as George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 (and the difficulty he encountered in talking other countries into joining the American expeditionary force).

Europe, to cite an example, did not even intervene militarily – for whatever – reason in its own back yard in the nineteen nineties when thousands of Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered by their Serb neighbors and erstwhile compatriots. America, however, did intervene.

Today, with America’s fall from grace both economically and psychologically, may have to redefine its role in world affairs.

Read on for more of Tod Lindberg’s interesting take on what’s ailing The United States re its ability to continue to be the world’s ruling superpower.

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Will Interracial Marriage End Racism in America?

Interracial marriage

Will interracial marriage end racism in America?

Some people say no, that the deeper causes of racism are not addressed by such unions, and that only a willingness on the part of an historically racist Caucasian majority to examine its own history with ruthless honesty will put an end to both  and discrimination.

Racism runs deep

Others believe that deep-seated racism can be cured only by love; the kind of love that leads to marriage and children. According to this school of thought, this is the only way in which this centuries-long history of discrimination and exclusion can be corrected. There are, however common objections to this viewpoint.

the longevity of White racism and its hydra-headed complexity.

One such objection emphasizes both the longevity of White racism and its hydra-headed complexity. According to this outlook, interracial unions – even if they are confirmed by a marriage license and produce offspring – cannot undo the suffering that comes with centuries of slavery, race hatred and government-sanctioned discrimination. As powerful as erotic and Agape love are, they may not be powerful enough to do away with the critical mass of oppression that has come about during four hundred years of calculated contempt and the most heinous forms of oppression. What is needed, to the contrary, to achieve this is a Herculean effort…and all-out effort on the part of White Americans to redeem their racist past by owning up to it; an undertaking that requires an all out commitment on a national scale to drill deep into every nook and cranny of American history in a search for the “who, what, where, when  – and perhaps most importantly – “why” of their (at best) less than admirable record of ill treatment of their African-American brethren. The rationale behind this approach is that only this kind of all-embracing commitment to the historical facts, starting with the advent of slavery in 17th century Virginia and including such present day forms of this hardiest of viruses as “water cooler prejudice” and the more subtle flavors of middle class and genteel discrimination, would or could result in the change of heart that will bring about America’s transformation from a racist society to a truly egalitarian one.

Is interracial marriage a form of medicine for the treatment of racism?

In short, interracial love/marriage in America today may have a secondary role as a palliative for American racism both past and present, and may be the most effective means of ending racism in future. As to its ability to do so without being reinforced by the most earnest society-wide campaign of self-change on the part of America’s non-Black majority, only time will tell if this is indeed possible.

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Is Citi Bike showing us the way

When I think of the joys of urban bicycling I think of enlightened and progressive  small countries like Holland and Denmark, whose cities offer nicely navigable downtown traffic patterns that feature thousands and thousands of happy bicyclists pedaling away in in an atmosphere that is free of exhaust fumes. Is everyone’s (former?) urban bad guy _ New York – about to go the same way? Citi Bike may be pointing in that direction!

Citi Bike Is My New iPhone Dan Frommer

Founder at City Notes

New York’s new bike-sharing system, now a month old, is still working out the kinks. It’s sometimes impossible to find a bike, and sometimes impossible to return one. Kiosks, after an embarrassingly unreliable start, seem to be generally stable. There are so many complexities that a perfectly smooth system seems improbable.

But even a month in, Citi Bike is easily one of the best things that has happened to New York in the last decade. In a place where things are routinely overhyped, Citi Bike seems to have blown past everyone’s expectations, with more than a million miles traveled so far, over 500,000 trips, and some 50,000 annual members.

And, without hyperbole, Citi Bike has already changed my life. I’ve now lived here for almost 8 years, and after riding zero blocks on bikes the entire time I’d been here, I’ve now traveled 53 miles on Citi Bikes over the past month, spending more than 8 hours in the saddle. Who knew?

Read entire article at


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