How to talk to a Republican

How to talk to a Republican

How to talk to a Republican…afraid your right-wing uncle is going to take you to the proverbial cleaners with your political discussion that invariably follows the pumpkin pie and coffee? Don’t worry. Help is on the way. Just keep on reading and click on the link to learn all you ever wanted to know about how to talk to a Republican! Continue reading

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A Discussion about Communism

marx engels leninA Discussion about Communism

In view of Communism’s emphasis on our social nature, is the devaluing of individuality a concomitant of this emphasis? Is this movement a taking-of-sides in an ongoing battle between societies that emphasize collectivism and those that emphasize individualism? Continue reading

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Britons Can Now See If Their Ancestors Were Slave Owners

slave ship

Britons Can Now See If Their Ancestors Were Slave Owners

Did you know that one of the ancestors of the author of Animal Farm and 1984 got rich off the enslavement of others? If you are from the U.K. you can find out, since – thanks to the prodigious efforts of University of London researchers – Britons Can Now See If Their Ancestors Were Slave Owners.

British industrial dominance rooted in slave-trade profits

In all, 13,000,000 Africans were enslaved and shipped to the New World. Although Great Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807 and made slavery illegal in most of the Empire in 1833-34, almost 3 million of all the slaves transported during the history of slavery were done so by Britain, British North America and/or the United States ( It was the investment of massive sums of capital earned through the slave trade by the great merchant families of Liverpool after its abolition, in fact, that fueled the explosive growth of manufacturing in the British Midlands in the nineteenth century and set the stage for the world wide industrial dominance of Great Britain for the next 100 years.

Britons can now see if their ancestors were slave owners – like George Orwell’s.

Researchers at University College London spent three years compiling a searchable listing of thousands of people who received compensation for loss of their “possessions” when slave ownership was outlawed by Britain in 1833.

Gigantic sums of money used to reimburse slave owners

Some 46,000 people were paid a total of 20 million pounds – the equivalent of 40 percent of all annual government spending at the time – after the freeing of slaves in British colonies in the Caribbean, Mauritius, and southern Africa.

Their descendants include writers Graham Greene and George Orwell. Orwell’s real name was Eric Blair, and the trustees of his great-grandfather, Charles Blair, were paid 4,442 pounds for 218 slaves on a plantation in Jamaica.

This excerpt is part of an article that was originally posted on News One for Black America:


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Quotations About Politics

political philosophy

Quotations about politics…”there must be a positive passion for the public good, the public interest, honour, power, and glory, established in the minds of the people, or there can be no republican government, nor any real Liberty.” Continue reading

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On Abortion, Values, Male-Female Relationships

Just as I was about to write a column praising Natalie Portman for attacking racist John Galliano, along comes Mike Huckabee to attack her as an unmarried-and-pregnant-negative-role-model. Continue reading

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The Camera as Big Brother


big brother

The camera as Big Brother…is the camera Big Brother? Famous example: the Rodney King riots of the nineteen nineties, when a network television station broadcast amateur video footage of Los Angeles police officers beating Rodney King. Continue reading

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On the Modern Right Wing and the Civil War

Civil War Battle

On the modern right wing and the Civil War. “For a whole people to be rife with bigotry, a select few have to keep the majority pointed in that direction with a full time propaganda campaign.” Continue reading

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Immigrant Groups and American Politics

This interview with Carl Bonomo, a political science professor at New York City’s Queens College, is reposted from The Russian Jewish Institute website ( Its title is Political Engagement, a Necessary Step for Collective Advancement; and it was was written by Maia Efremashvili.

For immigrants, collective silence may be anything but golden. This article focuses on the recently arrived Russian Jewish immigrant community in New York, and how – with its successful adaptation to the  economic and cultural status quo –  it’s time to get political. Continue reading

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On the Republican Party in this Election Year

N.H. Reveals 5 More Reasons Why Republicans Stink

Written by Dr. Boyce Watkins on January 10, 2012 1:12 pm – taken from News One

Dr.Watkins is a distinguished  American author, scholar, economist, political analyst, and social commentator.  He has been on the faculty at Syracuse for 4 years in the Finance Department, and has also presented a lecture series on Financial Theory at The Shanghai University of Finance and Economics during the summer of 2005. He is the founder of the Your Black World Coalition.

“There is little concern about how our nation’s extremist divisions threaten to shake our democracy at its very core.” Being both a renowned economist and political analyst, Dr. Watkins is in an excellent position to give us a “double-barrelled” point of view on America’s current crisis. Read on for a look at what is wrong with the Republican Party today.  



The Republican Party has become what Columbia University Professor Marc Lamont Hill described to me as a “race to the bottom,” where the easiest way to lose traction in your candidacy is to prove yourself qualified for the job. Continue reading

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