How to talk to a Republican

How to talk to a Republican


Afraid your right-wing uncle is going to take you to the proverbial cleaners with your political discussion that invariably follows the pumpkin pie and coffee? Don’t worry. Help is on the way. Just keep on reading and click on the link to learn all you ever wanted to know about how to talk to a Republican!

Sooooo…it’s Thanksgiving dinner and you, in all your pristine Liberal splendor, find yourself sitting just across the table from that Republican uncle who thought that Ronald Reagan was heaven-sent and thinks that Rush Limbaugh is the epitome of wit. Your uncle always gave you a crisp, clean $10 bill on birthdays when you were a tyke and has a spot in his heart for you that’s softer than butter. The problem is that when he starts carrying on about how the Socialist Obama is secretly working for Beijing and Havana (on days when he is not working for Al Qaida and fifty other terrorist groups) you need to grip the table hard with both hands to keep from jumping over the table and choking some sense into him –  or at least screaming at him like a crazy person.

Well, it can be rough indeed. When coffee and that second slice of oh-so-good home-made pumpkin pie are served, we all know that the conversational fireworks are ready to launch. You’re about to get into a verbal cage fight with your-beloved-but-Bill-O’Reilly-loving uncle and your deepest wish is for this Thanksgiving showdown to be different.

In other words, this time you want to win …or at least hold your own so you don’t end up making that long drive home with a swarm of unsaid retorts floating around in your noggin.

Well folks, at last you can do just that with your favorite Neanderthal-leaning  and near-geriatric blood relation with this terrific website that exists just to help you feckless Democrats and Liberals to learn how to stick it to your interlocutor instead of going home with a bad tummy after internalizing the verbal/political a___ kicking you got last year and every year from that feisty old aunt or uncle! You know which ones I’m talking about, don’t you? That’s right, we’re talking about the one whose unventilated mind makes you wonder about who you are and what gene is waiting to make you similarly ogre-like in your dotage

Ready to rumble? Just go to:

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Racism Bad for Kids

diversity among children

Racism bad for kids, and can do them lots of harm.

Racism bad for kids…can cause severe anxiety and depression

Racism hurts. Even if the stings and arrows that come one’s way are only verbal – and sometimes especially if they are only verbal can inflict lasting damage – damage of the kind that may take longer to heal than that of a strictly physical nature.

Although adult victims hurt too when they find themselves to be the victims of racism, they have, at least, the advantage of age and experience when it comes to dealing with this form of persecution. Children, however, are much moe vulnerable. Their psychic faculties being in an early stage of development, they are ill-equipped to fight this battle without the love and wisdom of a presiding elder.

staff blogger, –
– “Ask most adults and they can probably recount an instance of blatant or subversive racism. Equipped with life experiences and coping mechanisms, most adults are able to deal with racism in ways that are healthy and non-destructive.

A new study is suggesting that the youngest victims of racism may have a difficult time understanding and processing someone disliking or even hating them because of the color of their skin.

Victims of racism experience mental health issues

A report in Social Science & Medicine says that young people who experience racism or racist treatment are more likely to struggle with mental health issues such as depression and anxiety as both children and later as teens.

The report’s lead researcher, Naomi Priest, of the University of Melbourne in Australia stated that, “The review showed there are strong and consistent relationships between racial discrimination and a range of detrimental health outcomes such as low self-esteem, reduced resilience, increased behavior problems and lower levels of well-being.”’

read entire article



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A Discussion about Communism

marx engels leninA Discussion about Communism

In view of Communism’s emphasis on our social nature, is the devaluing of individuality a concomitant of this emphasis? Is this movement a taking-of-sides in an ongoing battle between societies that emphasize collectivism and those that emphasize individualism? Continue reading

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Britons Can Now See If Their Ancestors Were Slave Owners

slave ship

Britons Can Now See If Their Ancestors Were Slave Owners

Did you know that one of the ancestors of the author of Animal Farm and 1984 got rich off the enslavement of others? If you are from the U.K. you can find out, since – thanks to the prodigious efforts of University of London researchers – Britons Can Now See If Their Ancestors Were Slave Owners.

British industrial dominance rooted in slave-trade profits

In all, 13,000,000 Africans were enslaved and shipped to the New World. Although Great Britain abolished the slave trade in 1807 and made slavery illegal in most of the Empire in 1833-34, almost 3 million of all the slaves transported during the history of slavery were done so by Britain, British North America and/or the United States ( It was the investment of massive sums of capital earned through the slave trade by the great merchant families of Liverpool after its abolition, in fact, that fueled the explosive growth of manufacturing in the British Midlands in the nineteenth century and set the stage for the world wide industrial dominance of Great Britain for the next 100 years.

Britons can now see if their ancestors were slave owners – like George Orwell’s.

Researchers at University College London spent three years compiling a searchable listing of thousands of people who received compensation for loss of their “possessions” when slave ownership was outlawed by Britain in 1833.

Gigantic sums of money used to reimburse slave owners

Some 46,000 people were paid a total of 20 million pounds – the equivalent of 40 percent of all annual government spending at the time – after the freeing of slaves in British colonies in the Caribbean, Mauritius, and southern Africa.

Their descendants include writers Graham Greene and George Orwell. Orwell’s real name was Eric Blair, and the trustees of his great-grandfather, Charles Blair, were paid 4,442 pounds for 218 slaves on a plantation in Jamaica.

This excerpt is part of an article that was originally posted on News One for Black America:


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Quotations about political philosophy from de Tocqueville, Aristotle, Plutarch et al

“There must be a positive Passion for the public good, the public Interest, Honour, Power, and Glory, established in the Minds of the People, or there can be no Republican Government, nor any real Liberty. And this public Passion must be Superior to all private Passions. Men must be ready, they must pride themselves, and be happy to sacrifice their private Pleasures, Passions, and Interests, nay their private Friendships and dearest connections, when they Stand in Competition with the Rights of society.”
-John Adams, writing to Mercy Otis Warren in 1776

“Democracy cannot succeed unless those who express their choice are prepared to choose wisely. The real safeguard of democracy, therefore, is education.”
― Franklin D. Roosevelt

“I am increasingly persuaded that the earth belongs exclusively to the living and that one generation has no more right to bind another to it’s laws and judgments than one independent nation has the right to command another.”
― Thomas Jefferson

“It’s not the voting that’s democracy, it’s the counting.”
― Tom Stoppard, Jumpers

“Liberty cannot be established without morality, nor morality without faith.”
― Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America

“The only stable state is the one in which all men are equal before the law.”
― Aristotle

“An imbalance between rich and poor is the oldest and most fatal ailment of all republics.”
― Plutarch

“The fundamental basis of this nation’s laws was given to Moses on the Mount…If we don’t have a proper fundamental moral background, we will finally end up with a totalitarian government which does not believe in rights for anybody except the State.”
― Harry S. Truman

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Does the British Crown Owe Many Louisianans an Apology?

French and Indian War

Does the British Crown Owe Many Louisianans an Apology? The Cajun way of life in the Bayou country of southern Louisiana has been made world famous in the last twenty years or so by virtue of its cuisine and its music.

Does Queen Elizabeth of England owe Cajuns an apology?

Boudin, Zydeco, “Laisse les bons temps rouler” have all become trademarks of Cajun culture. There is another side of that culture,one that is as grim as it gets. It has to do with an historical tragedy that amounted to a trail of tears for thousands of people who had to forsake their homes in the lush forests of the north for the Bayou country of southern Louisiana. Some people say, in fact, that it is high time for the descendants of the perpetrators of this act to come clean and offer an apology for it.

Says John Mack Faragher in “A Great and Noble Scheme”:Thoughts on the Expulsion of the Acadians

” Some of the most appalling violence occurred at the site of present-day Fredericton, New Brunswick, in a village called Sainte-Anne along both sides of the St. John River, which was home to approximately 1,000 Acadians. In November 1758, Colonel Robert Monckton, in command of 2,000 troops, ascended the river as far as present-day Gagetown, leaving a swath of destruction on both banks; he succeeded in capturing few of the Acadians living there, though, as most of them had fled upriver to Sainte-Anne. To remedy this, two months later in February 1759 Monckton sent a company of 15 New England rangers, under the command of Lieutenant Moses Hazen of Massachusetts, to strike that community. Hazen was ordered to “kill them all and give no quarter”.1 He succeeded in bringing back 23 prisoners and 6 scalps. Joseph Godin-Bellefontaine, several years a resident of Sainte-Anne at the time, provided a rare first-hand Acadian account of the attack.

The rangers captured his entire family, Godin-Bellefontaine declared in a deposition taken by French authorities. He and his grown son Michel were bound hand and foot and forced to watch as the Yankees abused their wives and daughters. “They took their rage to the point of massacring his daughter Nastazie, wife of Eustache Paré”, reads the deposition, “crushing her head with a blow of the butt of a gun, his two children and a son of Michel, and splitting the head of the wife of the latter with a blow of a hatchet”.2 The surviving members of the Godin-Bellefontaine family were sent to Halifax and eventually transported to France.”

The British army expelled the French settlers from their homes and farmsteads, often at gunpoint. The reason given was to prevent them from acting as a fifth column for the French forces fighting the English in Canada. Given little or no time to prepare for the arduous voyage of thousands of miles, many of the settlers died at sea.

It is high time that someone took responsibility for this long-ago action.

So says Warren Perrin, an attorney from Louisiana and a member of the Cajun community there.
This tragedy has been called an act of ethnic cleansing.

According to Mr. Perrin, the forcible removal of the French population from Acadia – the province of Canada now called Nova Scotia – by the British was nothing short of genocide, since the same percentage of deportees died as did among the Jewish population during the Holocaust.

Let Queen Elizabeth II, sovereign of the United Kingdom, at last acknowledge her nation’s culpability in the forced exodus of French settlers from Acadia during and after the Seven Years or French and Indian War (1755-1763)

For more about this fascinating culture and historical narrative

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The Westboro Baptist Church Has Made a Lot of People Very Angry

Westboro Baptist Church

The Westboro Baptist Church Has Made a Lot of People Very Angry

The Westboro Baptist Church Has Made a Lot of People Very Angry-
Go figure…hiding behind the teachings and example of a man whose name and life have become synonymous with love and forgiveness, this group of haters remind one of Saul of Tarsus when he was embarked on a journey of persecution and death-by-stoning.

Another hater, Adolph Hitler, also comes to mind, but at least Hitler had the decency not to cloak his sociopathic rants, raves – and genocidal campaigns – with the protestation of being an adherent of a religion of universal love, peace and brotherhood.

For a look at just how truly pissed off many Americans are at this assembly of believers – believers in SOMETHING one might say – watch this video!

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Is it time for the White House and Congress to start looking at color?

by Jason Williams

With the ushering in of Pres. Obama’s second term, many people are wondering if and when the President and Congress are going to tackle the great issue of race in public policy discourse. There are many Black liberals who are calling for both Congress’ and the President’s focus on issues within the Black Community.

As Dr. Marc Lamont Hill has stated on TJ Holme’s BET broadcast “Don’t Sleep!” on Oct 8th 2012, “Blacks are first for everything that is bad”. Such a statement definitely warrants for serious conversation on the status of Blacks in America. However, Pres. Obama has been noted for being America’s post-racial President. This happens to be a title that even the president continues to adhere to given his continued agreement on race neutral policies. He seems to defend such policy by suggesting that by orchestrating race neutral policy, Blacks will automatically benefit from them. So although the Black community is not being looked at exclusively as many other minority groups have, still, they are benefiting from many of the race neutral policies that are being voted on and approved, but of course we only have to look to our justice system to see how this theory works out…
To continue reading go to:

Jason Williams is a professor of Adjunct Professor of Criminal Justice
at New Jersey City University

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Quote of the day: Michelle Bachmann on the U.S. Congress


“I wish the American media would take a great look at the views of the people in Congress and find out: Are they pro-America or anti-America?”
—Oct. 2008

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Why the Democrats Are Winning the Battle for Hearts and Minds in the Presidential Campaign

The Art of (Political) persuasion…the Democrats still have it all over the Republicans
From an article by Sasha Issenberg.
…All targeting carries the risk of missing the mark, and there are regularly voters whose actual attitudes defy the predictions of statistical models. But regular misfires by Republicans—which at best only waste resources and at worst mobilize Democrats who might not have voted otherwise, or provoke a backlash among those still persuadable—illustrate a gap between how the right and left practice politics in the 21st century. Contrary to the wishful intimations of the Post and Times stories, while the groups on the right could conceivably catch up with Obama and his allies in the scope and funding of their ground-level activities, in terms of sophistication they lag too far behind to catch up in 2012.
In fact, when it comes to the use of voter data and analytics, the two sides appear to be as unmatched as they have ever been on a specific electioneering tactic in the modern campaign era. No party ever has ever had such a durable structural advantage over the other on polling, making television ads, or fundraising, for example. And the reason may be that the most important developments in how to analyze voter behavior has not emerged from within the political profession.
“The left has significantly broadened its perspective on political behavior,” says Adam Schaeffer, who earned graduate degrees in both evolutionary psychology and political behavior before launching a Republican opinion-research firm, Evolving Strategies. “I’m jealous of them.”
Schaeffer attributes the imbalance to the mutual discomfort between academia and conservative political professionals, which has limited Republicans’ ability to modernize campaign methods. The biggest technical and conceptual developments these days are coming from the social sciences, whose more practically-minded scholars regularly collaborate with candidates and interest groups on the left. As a result, the electioneering right is suffering from what amounts to a lost generation; they have simply failed to keep up with advances in voter targeting and communications since Bush’s re-election. The left, meanwhile, has arrived at crucial insights that have upended the conventional wisdom about how you convert citizens to your cause. Right now, only one team is on the field with the tools to most effectively find potential supporters and win their votes.

Excerpt from an article by Sasha Issenberg. For the full article go to:

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