Bourgeois Fascists Are “Calling the Shots”

Hitler and Duke of WindsorBourgeois Fascists Are “Calling the Shots” and are occupying leadership positions in anti-democratic enclaves in the United States today. Today’s young American fascist spokesperson is typically clean-cut and college educated.

Although your average Storm Trooper- the brown-shirted thug seen in vintage newsreels and feature films as the resident evil of the Nazi regime – it was in and among the more genteel reaches of German society that the eventual movers and doers of the Nazi Party were likely to be found.

In the early days of the Weimar Republic, from the famine that killed three quarters of a million Germans right before and after the end of the First World War through the economic depression of the early nineteen twenties, the German university proved to be a particularly fertile breeding ground for the leadership of political reaction in Germany.

Originally entitled “The Elite Roots of Richard Spencer’s Racism” by Michael Phillips

“Across the land, elite children have been fed a steady diet of white supremacist thinking. Education alone has never cured racism. In fact, higher education has often promoted it. Prominent American racists, from early twentieth-century eugenicist Madison Grant to President Woodrow Wilson to Charles Murray — the right-wing polemicist and author of the infamous 1994 book The Bell Curve, which argued that black and brown people were congenitally less intelligent than whites — all brandished advanced degrees. The Social Darwinist economy that elites have constructed depends on segmentation by color. Segregation and imperialism sprang from elite minds…

…Trump’s rise, however, has unleashed a cascade of contempt for white working-class voters. In the aftermath of the election, Kali Holloway, a senior writer at AlterNettreated racism as a disease pandemic among the white proletariat, asking in one column that people “Stop asking me to empathize with the white working class.”Writers like Holloway spent 2016 depicting Trump’s electoral successes as symptoms of white working-class dysfunction, ignoring that Trump voters earned a higher-than-average median income (about $70,000), that Trump won a plurality of voters earning $100,000 and above, and that Trump carried the votes of more white college graduates than Hillary Clinton.Too many imagine that the occupants of what Clinton called “a basket of deplorables” toil in vanishing Rust Belt factories, auto plants, or Christ-haunted and gun-toting farming communities.Richard Spencer, the product of elite Dallas circles, calls this entire narrative into question. Many of the deplorables sit comfortably in board rooms, enjoy the view from their penthouses or, like Spencer, bask in sunsets at ski resort towns like Whitefish, Montana as they plot how to dam the rising tide of color…
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