Author / Nutritionist Getty Ambau on Healthy Diets

The Four Pillars of Health, Longevity and Good Looks

Author / Nutritionist Getty Ambau on Healthy Diets

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The author of the Desta series of young adult fiction and Four Pillars for Your Health, Good Looks and Longevity gives us some expert and useful information about what to eat and why we should eat it.,With a major in microbiology from Yale University and years of critical research into the healing properties of food and herbs, author Ambau has plenty to tell us about nutrition in this video interview.

Here is an excerpt from Mr.Ambau’s interview with Booksandmocha:

“My overall impression of healthcare in America is that it’s too confused, too commercialized and too reactive. The healthcare policy makers say one thing while the public does something else—often influenced by the news, fads or trends. That is what I mean by “confused”. The drug companies, doctors, and all those establishments which provide services to the sick and the needy stand to gain when someone is not well. This is probably why fundamental changes on a nutritional level still have not been made.”

Biggest threats:

“Continued indulgence in sweets, fatty/salty foods; over consumption of foods and the lack of exercise. These three areas are the causes of the growing phenomena of weight gain and obesity in this country. Type II Diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular diseases, cancer and other serious health problems have often been linked to a person’s excess body fat. It’s a simple fact of life: if you eat more than your body can use, the excess food (calories) will be converted into and stored as fat. And most Americans consume way more than their body needs in order to meet its energy demands.

“If you don’t burn off calories through physical exertion, they get processed to add to your poundage. Some people consume more calories than necessary with the belief that by doing so they can increase their consumption of essential nutrients (vitamins and minerals). They can achieve this without consuming more than they need. How can this be done? It can be done by choosing nutrient-dense foods: fruits, vegetables, herbs and even spices. For example, those who use The Four Pillars drinks described in my book The Four Pillars for Your Health, Good Looks and Longevity, can reduce their caloric intake substantially by using these drinks as the source of their essential nutrients.


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