Astrology…What Is It?


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Astrology …What Is It?

Astrology…what is it? There is an underlying benefit of every serious astrology reading whether the focus of same is to tell you where to live or whom to marry or if /when to quit your job.

The underlying purpose of an astrology reading is not to tell you where and who you are in relation to The “All.”  Its greatest benefit may be this:  by activating your psychic centers it enable you and the “All” to work together in a more productive way.

What is “thinking astrology?

“To think astrology is to seek to define its status, to determine its foundations, its operative structures and its levels of articulation, to demarcate its limits and its arenas of application, to elucidate its anthropological perspectives. Astrology sets itself apart from the ensemble of religious, philosophical and ideological discourses by reason of its continuity, its ubiquity, its capacity to endure and regenerate itself despite norms and cultural modes. Going across ages and civilizations, it continually renews its conceptual patterns, taking from its immediate cultural milieu what is necessary for its perpetuation.[1]

Finding the connection between what is within us with the starry sky without

Despite the spiritual blindness and mental turbulence of the present age, astrology’s object remains the same: the structuring relationship of the geo-solar environment to the psyche. Consciousness is embedded in a multitude of ideas, images, memories, information — and misinformation — which come from the outside world or result from its own inquietudes. The mental arena itself is the playing field for divergent orientations, conceptual eruptions and incessant agitation.

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Philosophy is unified but subjective, science objective but fragmented

Philosophical systems seek unification in the affirmation of a perspective or orientation special to consciousness. That is why such systems differ so greatly from one another and, more often than not, reveal the temperament of their creator, as Nietzsche pointed out. Science — which has invaded the terrain of a metaphysical speculation already moribund — does not present a truly unified perspective on reality, but only offers instruments for analysis of the external world by means of the fragmentation of objects, measurements, and experiments made on phenomena. It has substituted its disoriented objectivity for the orderly subjectivity of the philosophers”

-from Astrology, the 1/4 Manifesto. – Phd. thesis by Patrice Guinard


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