America the Troubled Superpower

America the troubled superpower

Is America the world’s supercop? America the troubled superpower…serious problems at home make it doubtful whether America can continue to play the role of “World Supercop” that it has played since World War II.There were lines the United States would never think to cross

“As the 20th century came to an end, international politics still included a number of bad actors and many states wary of the preponderant power of the United States. And certainly there were lines the United States would never think to cross, such as direct confrontation with Russia over the treatment of Chechnya or with China over the treatment of Tibet. It would have to remain prudent in avoiding direct confrontation with the few remaining nuclear powers that could put up a serious fight. An example of this sort of prudence came in early 2001. An American EP-3 surveillance aircraft had to make an emergency landing on Chinese territory after colliding midair with a Chinese fighter plane dispatched to intercept it. With tensions rising, the George W. Bush administration chose to de-escalate the confrontation with an ambiguous statement of apology. “

So says Tod Lindberg in “The Depressed Hyperpower” (Commentary July 2013).

America’s superpower status is taken as a given by some and a sound bite by others these days. It is considered to be a very troubled Superpower by many.

The World’s policeman since the end of World War II

The World’s policeman since the end of World War II American intervention is taken as a given in cases of emergency, with the U.S. expected to take an active – and sometimes proactive – role in putting together military coalitions when and where such intervention sis called for. Some cases, such as the 1st Iraq War of 1991, are more attractive to America’s allies than others – such as George W. Bush’s invasion of Iraq in 2003 (and the difficulty he encountered in talking other countries into joining the American expeditionary force).

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Europe, to cite an example, did not even intervene militarily – for whatever – reason in its own back yard in the nineteen nineties when thousands of Bosnian Muslims were slaughtered by their Serb neighbors and erstwhile compatriots. America, however, did intervene.

Today, with America’s fall from grace both economically and psychologically, may have to redefine its role in world affairs.

Read on for more of Tod Lindberg’s interesting take on what’s ailing The United States re its ability to continue to be the world’s ruling superpower.

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