Abortion and the Two Americas

Abortion in America

Abortion and the two Americas…an insurmountable dividing line today?

The 2012 presidential election is well over and millions of Americans are breathing easier, happy that the big bad GOP Goliath has once again – at least for now – been vanquished  by David. Other Americans are very angry. They believe that their America , the true America of hardy yeomen and liberty-loving freeholders – is under siege.

Whose is the real America

Whose is the real America? Whose – and which – America will return to the White House oin 2016 and whose (America) will win out in the end?

It seems that both sides are well entrenched in their respective positions, and a “Sitzkrieg” of the sort that obtained on the Western Front in Europe during the Second World War is in effect.  This historical face off involved England, France and their low country allies on the one hand and the German army on facing off against each other throughout the autumn and winter of 1939-40 without engaging in s single battle.

What are the typical attitudes that Democrats and Republicans hold about each other? Is there any chance at all that fences can be mended and can the can something be done about the mutual mistrust that alienates the two parties from each other?

The dividing line is abortion

There is one issue that comes to mind when it comes to dividing lines, and that is the issue of abortion.Though distancing themselves ex cathedra from clinic bombings and shooting of medical and other professionals working in the field of abortion by this or that stray “pro-lifer,” the Republican Party is largely anti-abortion. Moderate Republicans – and there may be many more of them than news networks would have us believe– may be open to abortion in cases where pregnancy is due to rape.
There are many crazy-heads and near crazy heads who do not at all restrain themselves when it comes to voicing their opinion on the abortion issue, and it is impossible for the Republican National Committee to control this group in the end. They tend to be the most religious of people, and openness to the views of those who disagree with them about this and other issues is not a core belief for them. The liberal wing of the Democratic Party, or the well educated and savvy Liberal infrastructure of that party, has adopted the right to have an abortion as the sine qua non of their political world view. They are no more likely to look at the other side’s point of view than are right wing religious fundamentalists to examine that of people who believe that abortion should be legal and readily available.

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How serious is the Great Abortion Divide in the United States right now, in the first month of 2014?

Serious enough so that those among us who insist on trying to stay realistic see no hope in sight for resolving  this important and divisive issue as things stand now.

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