Facebook Page Data Analysis




Facebook Page Data Analysis

Facebook page data analysis is a priceless source of actionable data and should be used by every internet marketer and web analyist.

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How to Analyze Your Facebook Metrics to Improve Your Marketing

  • By Jon Loomer
  • October 28, 2013

Are you tracking your Facebook metrics?

Are you wondering what works best on your Facebook page?

In this article, you’ll discover how to find and interpret five valuable Facebook metrics that help measure the results of your Facebook marketing.

Why Facebook Metrics?

The typical Facebook marketer keeps close tabs on two main stats: Post Reach and Page Likes. While you should be conscious of these stats, they should not be central to measuring your marketing goals on Facebook.

It’s more important to understand the number of fans your posts reach, how many of those fans you engage and what types of clicks your posts receive.

While Facebook’s new and improved web Insights does share some great new information with page admins, you need to dig within the export files to find these useful stats.

Accessing the Exports

Before we get to the five metrics you should be checking, let’s cover some basics on how to find them.

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From your Admin Panel, click on Insights.

Click on Insights within your Admin Panel to view your web Insights.

Now click the Export Data button at the top right.

Click the Export Data button to view documents of data that aren’t shown in web Insights.

You’ll be given a dialog to tell Facebook what you want to export. It’s a tad more confusing right now because Facebook is rolling out the new exports associated with the new web Insights.

Export either your page- or post-level data, choosing either the new or old reports.

Go ahead and select the New export. You can keep the date range as the default, or feel free to expand it as needed. Now, download both the page-level and post-level data—you’ll need to do each one separately.

#1: Fans Reached

I’m listing this metric first because so many marketers obsess over it, but they don’t know what it actually is.

By now, you undoubtedly understand that you won’t reach 100% of your fans with a single post. In fact, you may not even reach 15%.

The typical marketer looks at the total post reach or organic post reach numbers and thinks it represents total number of fans reached. Then they divide that number by total number of fans to get their percentage of fans reached.

Totally wrong!

You find the number of fans reached in your post-level export file in column T of the Key Metrics tabLifetime post reach by people who like your page.

The number of fans reached with a post is found within the post-level export…read the article in its entirety at:

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