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Boom beach: the awesome strategy mobile game that’s deceptively simple – as well as strategically challenging. It is practically two games -tower defense and real time strategy – in one. We hope that this collection of Boom Beach tips will be of help!It’s tower defense in that you choose where to best place your turrets in order to defend against different kinds of units, and like realtime strategy in that you command units in real time against enemy bases.

As just a level 40 ish player, I don’t have all the experience to tell you everything about the game. But I can give you a good introduction and things to start a newbie player off well.
Newbie Strategy

The goal of the game is simply to build, to attack and to defend. You attack in defeating players’ bases  (steal their resources = pay for more military) and prepare a defense against players trying to attack you the same way.

Note: you can only build or upgrade one at a time.

When you start off, you’re given a base with buildings that generate resources: residence (for coin) and the sawmill (for wood). There’ll be more types later. Coin is for upgrading units and gunboat abilities, while other resources are for buildings. There are also diamonds, which are another sort of resource but cannot be stolen by players. Diamonds can pay for anything and are used to speed up production. You can build either defensive buildings, resource producing buildings, or unit-centric buildings that make and upgrade your units. Note: you can only build or upgrade one at a time.

Defensive play is recommended for the casual player.

Newbies can start either the offensive or defensive route. If they go offensive, they will have a lot of resources in the beginning and thus boost their early game. But once they reach higher levels, they will be forced to slow down and go over to the defensive. This is because attacking often pits your base against higher-level players that are impossible to defend against, and all those captured resources will be useless as they are re-captured just as easily. If the newbie goes defensive, by comparison, he’ll build up resources really slowly but they’ll be safe because they’ll be well protected by higher level turrets. Defensive play is recommended for the casual player.

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One thing I didn’t do that I wish I did when starting out was to join a task force early. A task force is a group that does operations together (e.g. attack an AI base for rewards). This affords you a lot of resource boost at the beginning of your game, especially if you can join a really high level task force group.

Attacking Tips

When discovering player bases, you want to discover them with as low a victory point as possible. The victory point is the number next to the medallions at the top left, a number based on how many bases you’ve conquered. The more you conquer, the higher the VP. The higher the VP ,though, the higher the level the next player base will be when you discover it. This will make a it a lot harder to conquer, so keep the bases low-level if you want to take them out easily – unless you’re an aggressive player!

A high VP, however, is good for gaining daily VP rewards in the form of a boat that appears every day. This boat gives you either resources or diamonds. In my opinion, though, the reward difference is not that great.

Building Placement Tips

When laying out your base, make sure your turrets are spread apart, preferably 2 spaces. This prevents them from being bombed efficiently by gunboats targeting several turrets at once. They also need to adequately protect your headquarters. They’ll be useless once too far from headquarters, as the enemy can just ignore them as they destroy it.

A bad layout is putting a bunch of your resource buildings at the front, supposedly slowing down from getting to your turrets. This gives the enemy lots of gunboat energy from destroying them, allowing them to take out your protected turrets even easier. But a thin wall of protection can be good for your turrets, since they could shield them while still being in range of attacking oncoming units.

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Statues Tips

Statues are excellent ways to boost your defense, economy, or attack. However, I wouldn’t get the green statues (for resources) unless you’re a very casual player. Often times you will have more than enough resources for building what you need. You’ll find yourself overflowing all the time as you wait for your current production to finish, because of no simultaneous building allowed. It also is bad because the more resources you rack up that you can’t spend immediately, the more likely they’ll be stolen away by player attacks. Better to always have just the right amount of resources you need rather than surplus for this reason.
Resource Bases Tips


Captured bases level up and gain some extra turrets or turret upgrades

These are special bases that, when captured, become yours until another player captures them. They provide resources over time, just like regular resource buildings.. They have turrets in the base that you can move around but cannot upgrade. Once captured, they “level up” and gain some extra turrets and/or turret upgrades that make the next capture that much harder. They are fought over by two players, wrestling over the same base until one becomes idle and a new player replaces him/her in the relentless wrestling match. But they are also sometimes unclaimed, meaning no other player has conquered it yet so it isn’t in anyone’s possession.

If you really want to secure them, here’s a tip: keep your victory point score low when you discover a new one. They let you discover new ones if after about two weeks you don’t attack one. You can also discover them through discovering regions, those clouds with some skyrising buildings appearing through them. If your VP (victory point) score is low, you will get lower level resource buildings, same as with discovering player bases. You can be seriously outmatched if the opponent wrestling over the base is way higher level than you, and they can literally keep the base forever, as long as they stay in the game. This is why it is preferred you steal a base with a lower level opponent.
Other Tips

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On submarine usage

Do I recommend submarine usage?

Only if you have too much gold to spend.

The resources they give you often aren’t that great, except for when you reach higher levels where coin is so easy to get that spending it doesn’t hurt that much.
What’s the best unit combo? I recommend attacking with tanks/medics for the usual mercenary bases, because they are very easy to take out with tanks without incurring loss. This makes for efficient wins, meaning you lose no resources while maximizing your economy. Of course, some bases require other unit combos to work.

In task force ops, I recommend the “hooka” combo–Heavies and Zookas. These often do the most damage and are very reliable. But use discrepancy here!

Note: when you click for diamonds off the treasure chests on the map that appears about every 4 hours, the chests sometimes won’t appear unless you go into the world map and into the home base at least once.After you do this click back into the world map and it should appear. Also, sometimes another chest will pop up after you switch between base and map again.

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